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NRCS Blogs Comment Policy

Posted by NRCS Public Affairs Division on April 28, 2013 at 12:21 PM

The NRCS blog site shares NRCS information and customer stories regarding the activities, policies and programs of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. We encourage discussion and comments on posts. Your insights are important to ensure Americans nationwide are informed and can be a part of our work.

We will review all comments before before posting them. For the benefit of a robust and constructive conversation, we will post comments only if they relate to the topic discussed within the corresponding blog post. We want to publish your comments, but expect participants to show respect, civility and consideration to the blog authors and other blog visitors who include persons of all ages. Therefore, we will not post comments that:

  • Make personal attacks
  • Are far off-topic
  • Promote services or products
  • Contain abusive, profane or vulgar language
  • Contain sexual content, overly graphic, disturbing, obscene or offensive material, or material that would otherwise violate the law if published here
  • Include offensive language targeting specific ethnic or racial groups.

We will not edit your comments to remove objectionable or inappropriate content, so please ensure that your comment complies with this policy.

To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personally identifiable information, such as name, Social Security number, phone numbers, addresses, or e-mail addresses in the body of your comment. If you do voluntarily include personally identifiable information in your comment, such as your name, it may not be posted.

Any references to commercial entities, products, services, or other nongovernmental organizations or individuals that remain on this site are provided solely for informational purposes. Such references are not an official or personal endorsement of any product, person, or service.

We recognize that the blog and other social media tools are available 24 hours a day, and we welcome your comments at any time. However, given the need to manage resources, moderating and posting of comments will occur during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. Comments submitted after hours or on weekends or holidays will be read and posted as soon as possible; in most cases, this will mean the next business day.

All participants in this blog should be aware that information shared through the site may be subject to release to people who request it through the Freedom of Information Act.

Please note that communications made through social media channels, such as the NRCS blog , will not constitute legal or official notice or comment to NRCS or any official or employee of NRCS for any purpose.

This policy may be updated or amended at any time.

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2 response(s) to "NRCS Blogs Comment Policy"

Terry Roemhildt says:

I have 2.49 acre parcel that was farm land till 2002, The Highway 14 bypass took and add'l 9 acre and left me the 2.49. I agreed with Mn-dot to put in a wet dry holding pond that is right next to County ditch ( Ditch 38# Waseca, County ) Is this 2.40 acre parcel eligible for any conservation programs out their. Would just like some money to help pay the taxes and weed control. Thank you

BETH says:

For some reason the formatting or maybe even the blog message does not really invite comments.

I was born in the Texas Panhandle in 1939 and lived there until 1962, when I moved to central Texas. I have vivid memories of the Dust Bowl days even as late as the 1950's. Soil and water erosion were common issues during my childhood, but my father worked diligently as a GS SCS engineer to change all that. Huge LeTourneau plows were popular equipment for reclaiming many eroded farms. I was looking for some of those details in your blog.

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