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16 Dallas Co EQIP

Dallas County 2016 EQIP Program

Executive Summary

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Dallas County, Alabama, announces that the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) sign-up for FY 2016 is open and applications are being taken on a continuous basis.

If you have a resource concern or problem on pastureland, cropland, hayland, or forestland on your farm that you need assistance to solve, visit the NRCS Office and fill out an application.

You can file this application at:

USDA Farm Service Office Building
105 Samuel Moseley Dr., Suite A
Selma, Alabama  36701
Hours:  7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Phone: 334-872-2611, extension 3
Contact: District Conservationist: Pete Wheeler

Applications will be taken through October 16, 2015, which is the date for the end of the first batching period. Any funds not allocated during the first batching will be available for subsequent batching periods as needed.

The local resource concerns to be addressed with the EQIP funds are:

  1. Grazing Lands
  2. Soil Quality/Erosion
  3. Forest Health and Wildlife

All applications will be ranked for the dollars expended and approvals based on the Alabama environmental ranking tool in order to insure that the most environmental benefits are received.  The highest ranking application (i.e. those applications with the highest environmental benefit points) within each resource concern will be selected for approval.  This sequence will continue until all funds have been allocated.  In the event of a tie between applications, the application with the lowest cost for benefits obtained will be considered for program payments. All applications for Grazing Lands and Soil Quality/Erosion will receive priority over Forest Health and Wildlife applications of the same priority ranking. 


All conservation practices, payments and restrictions on the Alabama NRCS state approved EQIP Practice and Payment Schedule will be available for use on Dallas County farms.  Payment limits as found in the 2016 EQIP Handbook for Alabama will be adhered to for total payment amount per contract for conservation practices that have funding limits with the exception of the following local limits:

  • Cover Crop (340) - $6000 Regular and $7200 NBF,SD and LR
  • Site Prep (490) - $6500 Regular and $7800 NBF, SD and LR
  • Fencing(382) - $10000 Regular and $12000 NBF, SD and LR
  • Herbaceous Weed Control (315) - $1500 Regular and $1800 NBF,SD and LR
  • Early Successional Habitat Management (647) – $2000 Regular and $2400 NBF,SD and LR
  • Heavy Use Areas (561) – $10000 Regular and $12000 NBF, SD and LR limited to areas around gates, feeding pads and watering facilities
  • Pasture Planting (512) – $10000 Regular and $12000 NBF, SD and LR

Farmers are required to self certify that they meet the requirements to qualify as a Limited Resource Farmer and a percentage of these applicants will be subject to NRCS State Office spot check.  New and Beginning Farmers will be required to provide documentation showing they have farmed for 10 years or less.

Additional information is available on the National NRCS EQIP website