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16 Autauga Co EQIP

Autauga County 2016 EQIP Program

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Autauga County Alabama, announces the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) sign-up for the 2016 Fiscal Year. Any eligible land users who have an approved resource concern may apply for assistance through this program. All resource concerns in Autauga County are approved for consideration of funding with the EQIP program.


Visit your local NRCS Office and make application. Appointments are encouraged. Applications will be taken at the following Autauga County location.

Autaugaville Ag-Center
2226 Hwy 14 West, Suite A
Autaugaville, Alabama 36003
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 334-365-5124, extension 3
Fax:  855-292-1672
Contact:  District Conservationist Brandon McCray

Land must reside within Autauga County Alabama.


The following priority concerns in Autauga Co. are approved for consideration of funding with the EQIP program.


1. Forestry and Wildlife

2. Grazing Lands

3. Erosion Soil Quality

4. Water Quality

5. Irrigation Water Management











Applicants will be rated on the prioritized resource concerns.  The highest ranked application in each of the priority concerns will be funded first.  This process will be repeated until all the applications are funded or until the County allocations have been obligated.  One application per applicant and only one resource concern will be accepted for the county wide signup. All applications received will be ranked according to the National 2016 EQIP ranking tool. The first batching period for ranking and prioritizing applications will end on October 16, 2015. Any applications received after a batching, will be considered in the next batching pool if funds are available. Limited Resource Farmers, New and Beginning Farmers and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers will be paid at an increased payment rate.


1.         (512) Forage and Biomass planting- limited to $12000.00 per contract

2.         (614) Watering Facilities- $4000.00 per contract (Only to be used in conjunction with or the establishment of a 3 or more paddock rotational grazing system, or fencing out a creek or stream which serves as the main source of livestock water and based on state level AU restrictions) Standalone troughs (one trough system(s) will only be considered if applicant is fencing out main water source)

3.         (561) Heavy Use Area- $7776.00 per contract (Limitation Not Applicable to Watering Facilities)

4.         (382) Fencing- Perimeter fencing-$8000.00 per contract -is not funded, unless it is used to establish an approved small ruminant woodland grazing system.

5.         (382) Cross fencing- $8000 per contract (only to be used to establish a 3 paddock or more prescribed grazing system or to increase paddocks on an established 3 pasture or more prescribed grazing system)

6.         (516) Pipeline - $5200.00 per contract

7.         (612)-Longleaf tree planting will be restricted to containerized seedlings $15000.00 per contract

8.         (612) Loblolly tree planting $10000.00 per contract

9.         (340) Cover Crops- $7500.00 per contract

10.       (378) Ponds will not be considered for funding

11.       (655) Forest trails and landings $5020.00 per contract

12.       (314) Herbaceous weed control will be only offered 1 year at a time (Limitation set according to NRCS state office guidelines)




Additional information is available at: