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16 Cleburne Co EQIP

Cleburne County 2016 EQIP Program
Executive Summary

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Cleburne County Alabama, announces the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) sign-up for the 2016 Fiscal Year. Any eligible land users who have an approved resource concern may apply for assistance through this program.

The following resource concerns in Cleburne County are approved for consideration of funding with the EQIP program and are listed in priority order:

  1. Forestry / Wildlife
  2. Grazing Land
  3. Water Quality / Animal Waste
  4. Erosion / Soil Quality
  5. Irrigation Water Management


Visit your local NRCS Office and make application. Appointments are encouraged. Applications will be taken at the following Calhoun County location.

Anniston Field Office
1413 Hillyer Robinson P’way, Suite B
Anniston, Al 36207
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 256-835-0512, extension 3
Contact:  Jody Burdette, District Conservationist

Applicants will be rated on the prioritized resource concerns.  The highest ranked application in each of the priority concerns will be funded first, then the next highest ranked applicant in each of the prioritized resource concerns will be funded and so on. This process will be repeated until all the applications are funded or until the County allocations have been obligated.  One application per applicant with only one resource concern will be accepted for the county wide signup.

All applications received will be ranked according to the National 2015 EQIP ranking tool. The first batching period for ranking and prioritizing applications will end on October 16, 2015.  Applications will be ranked and funded every 30 days as funds are available.  Any applications received after a batching, will be considered in the next batching pool if funds are available.

In the event of a tie between applications, the application will be ranked by sign-up date and secondary ties will be awarded using the County Watershed Assessment priority-ranking list.

All conservation practices in the Alabama NRCS EQIP Practice and payment Schedule will be available for use in solving the conservation needs on the farm. Payment rates on all practices will be the same as listed in the Alabama NRCS EQIP Practice and Payment Schedule.  Limited Resource Farmers, New and Beginning Farmers, and Socially Disadvantage Farmers will be paid at an increased payment rate.

Treatment stipulations:

  • Long leaf trees planted under the Forest Health and Wildlife Resource Concern are restricted to containerized seedlings and 400 trees per acre not to exceed 684 per acre.
  • Perimeter fencing will not be funded, unless it is used to exclude a creek or river. Livestock must be present for cross fencing to be considered.
  • No-till applications are limited to $8,550 Reg./ $10,350 HU and are limited to a 1 year payment.


Additional information is available at: