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16 Madison Co EQIP

Madison County 2016 EQIP Program
Executive Summary

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service in Madison County, Alabama, will hold a sign-up for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for the 2016 Fiscal Year. This signup will be held on a continuous basis. Any eligible land user, who has a resource concern or problem on cropland, forestland, hayland, or pastureland, may apply for assistance through this program.

Applications may be made at:

Madison County USDA Service Center
1300 Meridian Street, Suite 23-D
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 256-532-1692, extension 3
Fax: 877-450-6833
Contact: District Conservationist

The USDA work group has specified that program funds will be allocated within the following resource concerns in Madison County. The priorities of these concerns are as follows:

  1. Grazing Land  
  2. Erosion/Soil Quality  
  3. Water Quality/Animal Waste
  4. Forest Health and Wildlife
  5. Irrigation Water Management

All applications will be ranked within each resource concern using an environmental benefits worksheet. Approvals will be given to those applications that will provide the greatest environmental benefits, i.e. those receiving the most environmental points.  The top ranking application in each resource concern will be selected for funding in a revolving format until all of the funds are exhausted.

Contracts will be developed for approved applications in order of descending environmental points until all funds are obligated. The first batching period for ranking and prioritizing applications will be October 16, 2015.  Any application filed after that date will be considered in the next pool for funding, if additional funds become available.

Eligible practices and restrictions will be the same as the statewide list with the exception of the following for the county funds only (unless otherwise specified):

  1. Ponds (378) will be ineligible for funding in all pots.
  2. Irrigation Sprinkler (442) will be ineligible for funding in the county pool only due to lack of county funds available.  These applications will still be eligible for any applicable state wide funding pools.
  3. Brush Management (314) will be limited to $5,760 for regular and $6,911 for HU.
  4. Herbaceous weed control (315) chemical pasture spraying will be limited 1 year and to $1,326 for regular and $1591 for HU.  Chemical Band treatment will be limited to $1,130 for regular and $1,356 for HU.
  5. Site preparation (490) will be limited to the following:  all options 490 options will be capped at $2,920 for regular and $3,504 for HU except for the following: Medium-Mechanical $7,165 for regular and $8,598 for HU.  Heavy-Mechanical will not be eligible for funding.
  6. Forage and Biomass (512) planting will be limited to $7,823 for regular and $9,436 for HU.
  7. Tree/Shrub Establishment will have the following limitations:  Loblolly, Hardwood, and Shrubs will be limited to $4,637 for regular and $5,564 for HU.  Longleaf/Shortleaf will be limited to $6,407 for regular and $7,689 for HU.
  8. Forest Stand Improvement (666) will have the following limits:  Pre-commercial thinning/hand tools or chainsaw $3,548 for regular and $4,258 for HU; Pre-commercial thinning/Light Mechanical $1,125 for regular and $1,350; Pre-commercial thinning /Heavy Mechanical $11,072 for regular and $13,287 for HU; Chemical Hand Treatment $3,178 for regular and $3,814 for HU; Chemical Band Treatment $737 for regular and $884 for HU; Chemical Release $2,316 for regular and $2,780 for HU.

Limited Resource, Socially Disadvantaged, Veterans and New and Beginning Farmer applicants may be funded at a higher program payment rate.