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2015 Kansas Earth Team Volunteer Award Winners

Kansas Earth Team Volunteer program announces the fiscal year 2015 state and regional award winners!

Brian Wade assisting with the recycling program

Outstanding Individual—Brian Wade

  • Volunteer since 2009 at the Erie Service Center
  • Assisted with recycling efforts and People's Garden activities
  • Helped district with multiple educational events

Brain Wade preparing the rainfall simulator table

Barton County Kid's Ag Day

Outstanding Group—Barton County Kid's Ag Day Group

  • Barton County Citizens partnered to carry out this recurring group activity
  • Over 400 students participated
  • 60 volunteers worked collaboratively 645 hours preparing and implementing this event

The Barton County Kid's Ag Day Group was also selected as Outstanding Group for the Central Region.

Riley County conservation group preparing for a field day

Outstanding District—Riley County

  • Conservation District Board members were instrumental in promoting cover crops and soil health to other producers
  • Organized two conservation planning field days for partners
Pheasants Forever group serving a meal at a conservation education field day

Outstanding Partnership—Pheasants Forever-Osborne County Chapter

Osborne Community members volunteering their time with providing meals for area conservation education field days and assisting with the annual Wildlife, Agriculture, Conservation, Knowledge for Youth (WACKY) Day

Osborne field office staff

Outstanding Field Office—Osborne Field Office

With the help of 38 volunteers and other partners donating over 300 hours of their time, the Osborne field office touched the lives of 427 local and nonlocal students by organizing and accomplishing six educational field days including WACKY Days and two Nicodemus Youth Camps.

Pictured, from left: Rodney Boland, Robbin Dibble, Steve Sprick, and Marcus Griffin

The Osborne Field Office was also selected as Outstanding Field Office for the Central Region.

Tom Roth giving a cover crop demonstration

Outstanding NRCS Employee—Thomas Roth

  • Actively recruited volunteers for the Manhattan Field Office.
  • Two Fort Riley soldiers were recruited as well as Kansas State University (KSU) student athletes
  • Volunteers assisted with staking and maintaining cover crop plots as well as educational field days
  • Tom enhanced partnerships with Fort Riley and KSU.

Tom Roth was also selected as Outstanding NRCS Employee for the Central Region.

Patti Winters

Outstanding District Manager—Patti Winters

  • Instrumental in organizing and carrying out educational events in Lincoln County with assistance from volunteers and partners
  • Volunteered extra time to assist NRCS with program deadlines
  • Volunteered extra time as Employee's Organization President