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Earth Team Showcase—Kansas Envirothon Committee/KS Heartland Envirothon Group

The Envirothon is known as the premiere environmental competition for high school students, and includes competitions at the local, state, and North American levels. The benefits provided by Envirothon go beyond learning about natural resources to experiencing different areas of North America and making friends with students from across the continent.

In 2014, when word was received that the National Envirothon was cancelled, the Kansas Envirothon Committee decided to host a substitute event for state champion Envirothon teams and call it “The Heartland Envirothon.” With the event planned for July 21–25, there was only 120 days to raise money and plan this event. Amazingly—in that short time frame, the committee was able to raise more than $30,000 from donors across the state, secure a location for the event at Rock Springs 4-H Center, and make all the arrangements with the presenters, judges, and the volunteers needed to carry out the event—and our Earth Team volunteers were a big part of making that happen!

Many individuals and agencies contributed to this effort. Along with agencies allowing employees to assist with the Heartland Envirothon during work time, there were many hours of volunteer time. Thirty-four volunteers volunteered 359 hours to the Earth Team program and there were probably many more hours not captured.

Thirty-three students from seven states participated in the week-long Heartland Envirothon. Participants were from Kansas, Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. The Kansas team was represented by Chapman High School, which were the 2014 Kansas Envirothon winners.

This week-long event included an opening ceremony on Monday, training and testing on Tuesday, and an all-day tour on Wednesday with stops at a Flint Hills ranch, the Konza Prairie, the Flint Hills Discovery Center, and the Wheat Innovation Center that provided a close-up experience with natural resources and agriculture in the area. Thursday involved teams developing a 15-minute oral presentation that drew upon the training and information presented throughout the event. Friday concluded with the top two oral presentations being presented at the awards ceremony.

The teamwork of the Kansas Envirothon Committee, supporting agencies, and wonderful VOLUNTEERS made it possible to plan and carry out a very successful event.