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MISSION STATEMENT:  Delivers programs and services related to civil rights to ensure compliance with federal regulations and USDA guidance.

VISION STATEMENT:  To be an inclusive, diverse, and equitable Agency that delivers programs and services in a manner based on and consistent with fairness, equality, availability, and accountability while ensuring that applicants and employees are treated with respect and free from discrimination.


· Employ and empower a competent and highly skilled workforce representative of the Nation’s labor force, which enables the Agency to accomplish its mission.

· Create a working environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, and is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

· Recognize, appreciate, and value diversity, thereby demonstrating trust, respect and concern for the welfare of all individuals.

· Ensure that all policies, processes, and procedures provide all individuals the opportunity to develop, participate and compete fairly and equitably.

· Promote equal opportunity in employment and program delivery through the enforcement of the federal civil rights laws and through education and technical assistance.

· Develop agency-wide policies and procedures for major programs and services as related to civil rights.

· Ensure delivery of Department's Annual CR/EEO required trainings; provide CR and EEO training to Agency personnel to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of equal opportunity.


NRCS CRD promotes a working environment that values, respect, fairness, and integrity.  When acting on behalf of or representing CRD:

Act with integrity.
Be honest.
Follow the law.
Comply with the Code.
Be accountable.


Acting with integrity is about more than NRCs’ image and reputation, or avoiding legal issues. It’s about sustaining a place where we all are proud to work.  Ultimately, it’s about each of us knowing that we have done the right thing. This means acting honestly and treating each other and our customers and partners fair, equitable, and with dignity.  The CRD staff and its representatives shall act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. 

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