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Agency Head Civil Rights Performance Report | Civil Rights Division | NRCS

The annual Agency Head's Civil Rights Performance Plan and Accomplishment Report is a tool used by the Department to evaluate and assess the Chief's performance toward achieving the Agency's Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) goals and objectives with respect to accountability, program delivery, employment, procurement activities, diversity, and adherence to the Department's Civil Rights regulation and policies.  The report is divided into eight (8) goals (25 goal indicators) that address the Department's Civil Rights regulations, policies, and strategic goals; and are in consistent with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Management Directive 715 and the coordination guidance from the Department of Justice under Executive Order 12250.

The NRCS Civil Rights Division (CRD) is responsible for preparing the Agency's consolidated Civil Rights Performance Plan and Accomplishment Report and its annual submission to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights.  CRD collaborates with other areas such as human resources, outreach, programs, and procurement staffs to gather data in support of the development of the NRCS final report.

CR/EEO Performance Element Suggested Language:

  1. Associate Chief for Conservation
  2. Associate Chief for Operations
  3. Regional Conservationists
  4. Deputy Chiefs
  5. State Conservationists


FY-2009 Civil Rights Performance Report Memo (6.3 MB)
FY-2009 Civil Rights Performance Template (42 KB)
FY-2009 Civil Rights Pre and Post Award Attachment (87 KB)

This document is available in Microsoft Word format.
FY-2008 Civil Rights Performance Report Template (41 KB)