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Conservation Client Gateway - Get Started

The signup process for Conservation Client Gateway involves several steps that may be completed online or in person at a local USDA Service Center office.  

  1. Create a USDA Level 2 eAuthentication account to access Conservation Client Gateway 
  2. Verify your identity (either in-person or online). This secure, two-part process is necessary to ensure that you, and only you, can access your account information through Conservation Client Gateway.
  3. Link your USDA client record (formerly known as SCIMS) to your eAuthentication account. 


Set-Up Account Access













Before you start — Get your information together

In order to register for Conservation Client Gateway, you need to have an individual USDA client record. If you are operating as a business, you must first register as an individual, using your personal social security number as the tax identification number (TIN). If you have worked with NRCS or FSA in the past you may already have an individual USDA client record.  If you’re unsure if you have an individual USDA client record, or whether it is connected to a valid email address and phone, contact your local Service Center and register as a USDA client before you can sign up for Conservation Client Gateway

Your individual USDA client record needs to be up-to-date with a valid email address and a phone number in order to sign up for, or use Conservation Client Gateway.  If you are unsure if you have a USDA client record, or whether it is connected to a valid email account, with a phone number, contact your local NRCS or FSA office.  You can find a list of offices at


STEP ONE—Create your Level 2 eAuthentication account      

To use Conservation Client Gateway, you’ll need to sign up for a Level 2 USDA eAuthentication account.  Signing up is easy; just fill out the online form and in just a few minutes, you’ll have your account.  When you receive an email from USDA eAuthentication, follow the link to “Activate My Account”. This step is a security measure to confirm you created the account and must be completed before you can proceed.


STEP TWO — Verify your identity

Before you can login to use Conservation Client Gateway, you will need to verify your identity, upgrade and link your account. This is to confirm your identity, and to prevent unauthorized access to your account information.  You have two options:

Option 1: Verify online (Recommended) using the USDA Online Identity Verification Application 

A: After you have used the “Activate My Account” link in the first USDA eAuthentication email, click the link on the web page, or the link in the subsequent email for Option 1, the Online Self-Service Identity Verification Application.  Enter your social security number and answer a few background questions to verify your identity. Note the USDA online process verifies your identity only. If you encounter issues with the online identity verification process, you will need to visit a Local Registration Authority in person to verify your identity. See Option 2, below.  

B: Once your identity has been verified and your account has been successfully upgraded, go to the Conservation Client Gateway at, and click Login and enter your eAuth User ID and password. You will be prompted to enter your social security number to verify your identity. The system will work to link your eAuth account to your USDA client record. When completed, you can start using Conservation Client Gateway.  If you have problems, contact the Conservation Client Gateway Help Desk at 970-372-4200 for assistance. 


Option 2: Verify in person – Visit a Local Registration Authority (LRA)

You can schedule an appointment to visit a Local Registration Authority (LRA) at a USDA Service Center office to verify your identity and link your USDA client record to your activated eAuth Account. Be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment to ensure that an LRA will be in the office when you want to visit.  Take your government-issued picture ID (e.g. state-issued driver’s license) and present it in person to verify you identity and upgrade your account. Ask the LRA to link your USDA client record to your eAuthentication account. Most LRAs are located at a USDA Service Center office. To find the nearest USDA Service Center office, go to  Once your account is upgraded and is linked to your USDA client record, you can login and start using Conservation Client Gateway.


STEP THREE — Login and view your information

Once your account is upgraded and linked to your USDA client record, you’re ready to login and start using Conservation Client Gateway to view your information and submit requests.  


Ready to use the Conservation Client Gateway? 

Once you have ensured that you have an existing individual USDA client record, and that it is connected to a primary email and phone, fill out the form below and click the button to start the process to create your eAuthentication account.  


Client Gateway support - 970-372-4200 - Client Gateway Technical Support Portal 

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