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2009 Asia American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Poster Winning

Thomas Share

Thomas Share created the winning poster for the 2009 Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month Poster Contest.  Tom is a Civil Engineering Technician with the Watershed Planning Staff in the NRCS State Office in Davis, California, where his primary duties are GIS, cartography, and support.  With the skills that he has developed in his job and his interest in graphic design, Tom has been called upon by the public affairs staff to help with the design and layout of presentation displays, posters, and publications.  Tom says “I get to do a lot of the stuff I love to do and get paid to do it! How can it get any better?”

When asked about the inspiration behind his poster design, Tom replied “in designing this poster I wanted to show our challenges in a diverse way and emphasize that all cultures and ages are facing them together. The old man in the background was a late addition that I feel kind of completes the story that the challenges and changes we see span the generations.”