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Access or Obtain Environmental Easement Boundaries

NRCS provides several options for accessing easement boundaries. These services provide a limited set of attributes.  Easement centroids and boundaries are available with program name, administrative state, easement closing date, easement length, easement acres, method of boundary capture and scale of capture.  No imagery or other base layers are included in these services to allow them to be combined with other services as needed.

There are two methods for accessing easement data; each method provides users with different capabilities:

Method 1 – View Boundaries via the Web-based Application

  • Only a predefined set of layers are available in the service - Easement boundaries and centroids
  • The user may use the Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Pan tools to view the data
  • The user may change the basemap displayed
  • Attributes and metadata may be identified by hovering over an area of interest

Method 2 – Access via the Internet Map Service Using a GIS (GIS software required)