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RUSLE2 Training

User’s Guides

This RUSLE2 User’s Reference Guide describes RUSLE2 in detail in semi-technical language. This Guide describes how RUSLE2 works, how to select input values, how to apply RUSLE2 to make erosion estimates for the wide range of conditions represented by RUSLE2, how to interpret values computed by RUSLE2, how to evaluate RUSLE2’s adequacy for conservation and erosion control planning, RUSLE2’s accuracy, and how to conduct sensitivity analysis with RUSLE2.

The NRCS-RUSLE2 Program User's Guide is a draft. Some sections are incomplete, as are certain figures and appendices. This guide is intended to provide help to users of the RUSLE2 program. It provides step-by-step guidance for using the model.


To quickly bring NRCS field office personnel (and others) up to speed with RUSLE2, a tutorial has been developed. The tutorial combines photos, audio, and short video clips, and covers four areas: basic erosion processes; how climate, environment, and management affect erosion; making a simple RUSLE2 erosion calculation; and comparing alternative management options in RUSLE2.

  • Tutorial (ZIP; 39.2 MB) – Unzip this file and then open start.htm


Slide Sets

A presentation is available in two formats (Adobe Acrobat and Powerpoint) to assist with training for RUSLE2. If you plan to use this presentation for training, you may wish to download the PowerPoint file, then tailor the training by deleting and/or adding slides to fit your audience. Notes are available with many of the more technical slides.

A presentation is available in two formats (Adobe Acrobat and Powerpoint) to provide an overview of the implementation process for RUSLE2.

Additional presentations: