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Conservation Compliance

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Conservation Compliance Overview

The 2014 Farm Bill re-established the applicability of the Highly Erodible Land Conservation and Wetland Conservation provisions to crop insurance subsidies, but the Farm Bill did not change how these were implemented in conservation programs.

Conservation Compliance and the 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 272 KB)

National Compliance

Farmers seeking federal crop insurance premium subsidies for the 2017 reinsurance year must comply by June 1, 2016 by filing form AD-1026. The 2017 reinsurance year runs from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

Mitigation Banking

Fact Sheets

Success Stories

ND State Offsite Methods

ND Field Office Technical Guide
Guidance and State offsite Methods
Revised State Offsite Methods (SOSM) for Wetland Determinations in North Dakota (PDF; 80 KB)


Conservation Compliance Contact

Jennifer C. Heglund
Assistant State Conservationist (Compliance)
Phone: 701-530-2095