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EEO - Civil Rights

Civil Rights Related Data Sources

The purpose of this pages is to provide NRCS personnel a centralized location with links to various Civil Rights related data sources which can facilitate meeting the Agency's Civil Rights responsibilities.

Agency Data Sources

PRS (Performance Results System, accessible to all employees via My.NRCS)

        Reports Tab
        Option 3 Customer Assistance
        3.3 Instances of Assistance by Demographics
        3.4 Parity Report
        3.5 Parity Report by Demographics

ProTracts (accessible to all employees via My.NRCS)

        Reports Tab
        Participant Summary

External Data Sources

US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census

County specific demographic info (ie race, sex, Hispanic origin info) can be readily accessed by New Mexico COUNTY via this direct link. If the long link doesn't work, try this one or search the web for "Census American FactFinder" and enter your county in the white box near the top center of the page.

US Department of Agriculture, Census of Agriculture

The Census of Agriculture includes demographic information more specific to agriculture, but their data is typically collected for "up to three operators per farm," and so can be difficult to use for comparative purposes (as most NRCS program data is collected for the applicant or contract participants) and these two data sets may not correlate well. None-the-less, these NASS data can by useful, for background and discussion purposes, and are available via this direct link. Operator Characteristics, including number of minority operators, are ncluded in the lower right corner of the second page of each summary.