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Mentoring Program

New Mexico Mentoring Program

Mission Statement

One mission of the New Mexico Civil Rights Advisory Committee is to develop, oversee, review and provide program maintenance for a successful New Mexico Mentoring program.


Diverse and successful Mentoring partnerships that provide a connection to experience, knowledge, trust, diversity, and improved personal and professional work environments.


  • Improve leadership and organizational skills.
  • Help employees achieve full performance potential.
  • Acclimate new employees to NRCS culture and organization.
  • Develop and retain highly skilled, knowledgeable employees.


Webster defines a Mentor as a wise and trusted counselor, teacher, and an experienced individual who helps and employee grow and succeed.  The relationship requires the investment of time and self; giving but receiving as well.  Mentoring offers the chance to expand the horizons of others by providing insight and guidance based on one's real-life work experiences.  Mentoring is available to All Employees.  It is a trusted relationship whereby freedom of expression and opinion is honored yet never compromised. 

To become a Mentor you must evaluate your entire career.  Perhaps your first day on the job was full of apprehension, anxiety, and the desire to do well matched against the fear of failure.  Then, slowly but surely, you began to "learn the ropes" from those who trained you.  Eventually, you gained the confidence and expertise necessary to accomplish the job. A Mentor provides that extra opinion needed to gauge one's desires and hopes in order to succeed.

How to Participate

All employees may voluntarily participate in the Mentor Program by submitting the appropriate application to the State Administrative Officer, who is an Advisor to the New Mexico Civil Rights Advisory Committee.  For more information on the Mentoring Program please continue to read the information on this site.  You can also contact the State Administrative Officer, Rosabeth Garcia-Sais, at 505-761-4411. 

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