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EEO - Civil Rights - Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program

Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program

Program Manager: Fawnna Lee
Phone: (505) 865-4643 x3

Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to provide focus on issues, such as employment, promotion, training, and career enhancement affecting Asian American /Pacific Islander (AA/PI) employees and applicants in NRCS. Thus, achieving workforce diversity that better serves the nation’s growing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders AAPI community.

Program Objectives
  • Increase the total number of Asian America/Pacific Islanders in all Professional, Administrative, Technical, Clerical, and Others (PATCO) categories, series, and grade levels.
  • Encourage the participation of Asian American/Pacific Islanders in all NRCS-sponsored programs and activities.
  • Provide a network of professional support for Asian American/Pacific Islanders.
  • Ensure that the Asian American/Pacific Islander community receives equal treatment in every aspect of employment.
  • Provide opportunities to participate in training and training programs such as career enhancement, graduate, studies and others.
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