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News Release

October 2020 - New Mexico Employee of the Month

Morgan Pettit, Soil Conservationist with Team 6 in Tucumcari, NM selected as NMEOM for October.





October 1, 2020


Albuquerque – Morgan Pettit, Soil Conservationist with Team 6 in Tucumcari, NM.  Morgan has been selected as the NMEOM for October.  She had only been on board for two weeks when she took the initiative to learn and assist with the heavy CRP workload (over 108 Emergency grazing requests) for the Tucumcari office.  She printed the paperwork provided by FSA, pulled the CRP folders, and worked on stocking rate calculations and job sheets.  She even found her way around the county to conduct the field visits to determine sufficient forage for the fields that had been grazed in the last 2 years. Morgan called producers and discussed the requirements for emergency grazing and made arrangements to meet producers for required signatures.  She also dove into Conservation Desktop to write the conservation plans required

As a result of Morgan’s hard work, professionalism, organizational skills and perseverance, she took a huge workload off the existing staff to allow them to meet goals set in the EQIP and CSP programs, and provided fast and excellent service to the public during a difficult time of drought and COVID-19 restrictions.

Morgan has received the award for her achievement and recognition.


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