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Plant Solutions for Conservation Needs

Since the 1930s, the Plant Materials Program has developed plant solutions for restoring the country's most critical resource concerns.  Included in the DVD is footage from the Discovery Science Channel’s documentary ‘Coastal Crisis: Vanishing Lands'.  The Science Channel excerpt features an overview of the Golden Meadow PMC and was filmed a few months before Hurricane Katrina devastated the region.

Cover of Plant Solutions for Conservation Needs Video

Plant Solutions for Conservation Needs includes 10-minute and 18-minute presentations. This video is excellent for showing to a group or for people who want to find out more about the Plant Materials Program.

The video is available from the NRCS Distribution Center

Cover of Plant Solutions 5-minute presentation

Plant Solutions, a 5-minute presentation on DVD, is designed for and targeted at a general audience. The DVD format also contains 10-Minute and 18-Minute versions in both normal and closed-caption.

The DVD is available from the National Plant Materials Center.