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George Ochsner Ranch in Torrington wins Environmental Stewardship Award

The Natural Resources Conservation Service in Wyoming was proud to be a sponsor in awarding the George Ochsner Ranch the 2019 Wyoming Stock Grower Association’s Environmental Stewardship Award for their outstanding efforts in resource stewardship.

The WSGA’s Environmental Stewardship Program and Award, in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, recognizes Wyoming cattlemen whose natural resource stewardship practices contribute to the environment and enhance productivity and profitability.

The winning ranch hosts a day to celebrate the achievement and honor all ranchers as stewards of Wyoming’s lands.

This year, the family of Ochsner-Roth, Inc. held a celebration on the George Ochsner Ranch in Torrington on June 20, providing lunch and dinner to all their guests, which numbered around 200 friends, family, and partners from other public and private organizations. The highlight of the day’s activities was a grand tour of their 36,000 acres of grassland, with various stops to discuss their practices in environmental stewardship.

After a devastating fire in the summer of 2016, the Ochsner-Roth family was “able to depend on [their] stewardship practices to rebuild the ranch and utilize the opportunity to allow burned areas to heal,” said Senator John Barrasso, M.D. in a congratulatory letter to the family.

A 5th generation ranch, the George Ochsner Ranch and its operations set a stellar example of careful use of resources to enhance productivity and profitability while also ensuring the land remains viable for many more generations to come.

In a letter from Senator Michael Enzi to the family, he says ‘…this award is proof that sound environmental policies and good economic practices are not exclusive. They go hand in hand. Anything that ensures the productivity of your land will also be good for the bottom line. Anything that keeps the soil rich and irrigated will ensure that its value is protected and preserved for future generations.”

The NRCS-Wyoming team congratulates the George Ochsner Ranch and the Ochsner-Roth family for being recognized as such good stewards of the environment.