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Program Compliance Branch | Civil Rights Division

The Program Compliance Branch (PCB) is responsible for compliance and enforcement activities related to the nondiscrimination and equal opportunity laws, statutes, and regulations applicable to: programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance; and federal sector employment.            
PCB provides: program guidance and compliance enforcement of Civil Rights for Title VI (Federally assisted and conducted programs) and Title VII (Equal Employment Opportunity); technical assistance to the Agency on Program Complaints of Discrimination processing; Civil Rights Impact Analysis (determination of disparate treatment of program and employment organizational changes); interpretation of Civil Rights laws; and Civil Rights Training (including, but not limited to, Outreach, Diversity, Civil Rights Compliance Review procedures; Program Complaint discrimination process). 
PCB is also responsible for leading the collaboration of assessing the Agency’s annual Civil Rights activities and accomplishments that are outlined by the Department’s goals and objectives critical to achieving a model Civil Rights organization.  The Branch facilitates the preparation of, manages, and conducts comprehensive equal opportunity compliance reviews to measure program effectiveness such as compliance practices, outreach and recruitment methods, contracting procedures, accessibility of the program (Section 504 and 508), complaint processing (program and employment), staff composition, monitoring systems, and identifies and defines systemic barriers to program and employment participation and recommends program changes where appropriate.     
PCB Functions: 
Title VI - Program Discrimination Complaint Process
Civil Rights/EEO Compliance Reviews    
Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
Civil Rights Impact Analysis (CRIAs)
Program Compliance Branch
Samora Bennerman-Johnson
Branch Chief
Wytonya Jackson
EO Specialist
Sheila Shepperd
EO Specialist
Elvin Gant
EO Specialist
Daruss Golden EO Specialist   1-2182A