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Regulatory and Executive Orders | Civil Rights Division | NRCS


  • 7 CFR Part 2, Subpart P, Delegation of Authority by the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture.
  • 7 CFR Part 15d, Non-discrimination in Programs or Activities Conducted by the Department of Agriculture. 
  • 7 CFR Part 15e, Enforcement of Non-discrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs or Activities Conducted by the Department of Agriculture.
  • 12 CFR Part 202, Equal Credit Opportunity Regulation B.
  • 28 CFR Parts 42.401 – 42.415, Department of Justice Regulation, Subpart F, Coordination of Enforcement of Non-discrimination in Federally Assisted Programs.
  • 29 CFR Part 1614, Federal Sector EEO.
  • 41 CFR Part 102-76, Paragraph 102-76.85, Real Property Policies Update.
  • Executive Order 12898, Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations.
  • Executive Order 13166, Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).
  • Executive Order 13160, Non-discrimination on the Basis of Race, Sex, Color, National Origin, Disability, Religion, Age, Sexual Orientation, and Parental Status in Federally Conducted Education and Training Programs.
  • Executive Order 13125, Increasing Participation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Federal Programs.
  • Executive Order 13087, Provides that, as a matter of Federal policy, an individual’s sexual orientation should not be the basis for the denial of an employment or promotional opportunity.
  • Executive Order 13145, Prohibits discrimination in Federal employment based on genetic information.
  • Executive Order 13152, Provides for a uniform policy within the Federal Government to prohibit discrimination based on an individual’s status as a parent.
  • Executive Order 12250, Leadership and Coordination of Nondiscrimination Laws.
  • Executive Order 13175, Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments.