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Civil Rights Compliance Review Summary Report | Civil Rights Division | NRCS

NRCS Civil Rights Compliance Reviews are conducted to determine if the Agency's equal opportunity programs, services, and activities are in conformance and consistent with the major Federal Civil Rights laws, rules and regulations.  The Civil Rights Compliance Reviews are not only conducted to meet requirements of the major Federal statutes and Departmental Regulations, but they also bring visibility to our resolve to hold all NRCS factions accountable of abiding by the spirit and intent of equal opportunity in the delivery of our programs, services, and activities; and employment matters.

In order to keep the NRCS Chief apprised of the Agency Civil Rights compliance status, the annual Civil Rights Compliance Review Summary Report was incorporated.  In an effort to keep the Chief more timely informed of the Agency's Civil Rights compliance status, effective FY 2012, the Compliance Review Summary Report is provided on a quarterly basis.  The report provides: an in-depth summary of the most common findings (non-compliance factors) and recommendations for the most recently conducted Civil Rights Compliance Reviews during the respective quarter; and a Corrective Action update for those States that have complied with their non-compliant finding.