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Management Directive 715 Report

The MD 715 is an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) directive which reflects recent and significant changes in the law, including recent Supreme Court decisions, supersedes earlier EEOC management directives and related interpretative memoranda on this subject and provides new guidance on the elements of legally compliant Title VII (of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) and Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

This Directive requires agencies to take appropriate steps to ensure that all employment decisions are free from discrimination. It also sets forth the standards by which EEOC will review the sufficiency of agency Title VII and Rehabilitation Act programs, which include periodic agency self-assessments and the removal of barriers to free and open workplace competition.

MD-715 Reports 

2018 MD-715 Report (1.1 MB), 2018 MD-715 Table A, 2018 MD-715 Table B

2016 MD-715 Report (47 MB), 2016 MD-715 Appendix J  Tables A and B (77 MB), CRD Reports MD 715 Report Page (121 KB)

2015 MD-715 Report (43 MB),  Appendix (41 MB), Table A (42 MB), and Table B (32 MB) 

2014 MD-715 Report (1,440 KB) and Tables (17, 809 KB)

2013 MD-715 Report (1,219 KB) and Tables (489 KB)

2012 MD-715 Report (108,450 KB)