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[Federal Register: September 25, 2002 (Volume 67, Number 186)]
[Page 60208-60209]
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Natural Resources Conservation Service

Notice of Request for Nominations for the Task Force on 
Agricultural Air Quality

SUMMARY: The Secretary of Agriculture intends to renew the Task Force 
on Agricultural Air Quality and requests nominations for qualified 
persons to serve as members.

DATES: Nominations must be received in writing or reaffirmed (see 
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section) by November 12, 2002.

ADDRESSES: Send written nominations to: Chief, USDA/Natural Resources 
Conservation Service, P.O. Box 2890, Washington, DC 20013.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Beth Sauerhaft, Designated Federal 
Official, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, telephone (202) 
720-8578, fax (202) 720-2646, e-mail


Task Force Purpose

    As required by Section 391 of the Federal Agriculture Improvement 
and Reform Act of 1996, the Chief of the Natural Resources Conservation 
Service (NRCS) shall establish a task force to review research results 
by any Federal agency that addresses air quality issues related to 
agriculture or agriculture infrastructure. The task force will provide 
recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture for guidance on 
development and implementation of air quality policy. The requirements 
of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) apply to this task force.
    The task force will:
    1. Review research on agricultural air quality supported by Federal 
    2. Provide recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture, 
regarding air quality and its relation to agriculture, based upon sound 
scientific findings;
    3. Work to ensure intergovernmental (Federal, state, and local) 
coordination in establishing policy for agricultural air quality and to 
avoid duplication of efforts;
    4. Assist, to the extent practical, Federal agencies in correcting 
their erroneous data with respect to agricultural air quality; and
    5. Ensure that air quality research related to agriculture receives 
adequate peer review and considers economic feasibility.

Task Force Membership

    The task force will be made up of United States citizens and be 
composed of:
    1. Individuals with expertise in agricultural air quality and/or 
agricultural production;
    2. Representatives of institutions with expertise in the impacts of 
air quality on human health;
    3. Representatives from agriculture interest groups having 
expertise in production agriculture;
    4. Representatives from state or local agencies having expertise in 
agriculture and air quality, and;

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    5. An atmospheric scientist.
    Task force nominations must be in writing and provide the 
appropriate background documents required by the Department of 
Agriculture (USDA) policy, including Form AD-755. Previous nominees and 
current task force members who wish to be reappointed should update 
their nominations and provide a new background disclosure form (AD-755) 
to reaffirm their candidacy. Service as a task force member shall not 
constitute employment by, or the holding of an office of, the United 
States for the purpose of any Federal law.
    A task force member shall serve for a term of 2 years. Task force 
members shall receive no compensation from the NRCS for their service 
as task force members except as described below.
    While away from home or regular place of business as a member of 
the task force, the member will be eligible for travel expenses paid by 
NRCS, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, at the same rate as a 
person employed intermittently in the government service under section 
5703 of Title 5, United States Code.
    Additional information about the Task Force on Agricultural Air 
Quality may be found on the World Wide Web at http://

Submitting Nominations

    Nominations should be typed and should include the following:
    1. A brief summary of no more than two pages explaining the 
nominee's qualifications to serve on the Task Force on Agricultural Air 
    2. Resume; and
    3. A completed copy of Form AD-755.
    Nominations should be sent to the Chief of NRCS at the address 
listed above and postmarked no later than November 12, 2002.

Equal Opportunity Statement

    To ensure that recommendations of the task force take into account 
the needs of under served and diverse communities served by USDA, 
membership shall include, to the extent practicable, individuals 
representing minorities, women, and persons with disabilities.

    Signed in Washington, DC, on September 13, 2002.
Bruce I. Knight,
Chief, Natural Resources Conservation Service.
[FR Doc. 02-24346 Filed 9-24-02; 8:45 am]