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Federal Register Notice for April, 1998 Task Force Meeting

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Task Force on Agricultural Air Quality

Federal Register Notice

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Task Force on Agricultural Air Quality

Agency: Natural Resources Conservation Service

Action: Notice of meeting

Summary: The Task Force on Agricultural Air Quality will hold a teleconference to discuss the relationship between agricultural production and air quality. The meeting is open to the public.

Date: The teleconference will convene Tuesday, August 18, 1998, at 11:20 a.m. EDT and continue until 5:00 p.m. EDT. Written material and requests to make presentations should reach the Natural Resources Conservation Service on or before August 14, 1998.

Addresses: Written material and requests to make presentations should be sent to George Bluhm, University of California, Land, Air, Water Resources, 151 Hoagland Hall, Davis, CA 95616-6827.

For Further Information Contact: George Bluhm, Designated Federal Official, telephone (530) 752-1018, fax (530) 752-1552, email

Supplementary Information: Notice of this meeting is given under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. App. 2. Additional information about the Task Force on Agricultural Air Quality, including any revised agendas for the August 18, 1998, meeting that may appear after this Federal Register Notice is published, may be found on the World Wide Web at

Participants are advised that the entire proceedings of the teleconference will be recorded. Minutes from the teleconference will be published and available to the public after October 1, 1998.

Teleconference Access Instructions

In order to determine the number of phone lines needed for this teleconference, members of the public wishing to participate are asked to contact the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Washington, D.C. at (202) 720-4716 for access numbers and dialing instructions.

Draft Agenda of the August 18, 1998 Meeting:

  1. Opening Remarks
    1. Call the meeting to order and explain the meeting process - George Bluhm, Designated Federal Official
    2. Opening remarks of the Chair - Pearlie Reed
  2. Past Actions
    1. Air quality research needs subcommittee report - Jim Trotter
      1. National Research Council activities - Tim Strickland
    2. Agricultural burning subcommittee report - Robert Quinn
    3. Model MOU for voluntary compliance with bad actor clause - Dennis Tristao and Manuel Cunha
    4. Recognition of committee for past efforts - Pearlie Reed
  3. New Issues
    1. Reconstitution of the AAQTF charter - Gary Margheim
    2. Reconstitution of the AAQTF membership - Gary Margheim
    3. Suggested date and location of a future meeting - committee
  4. Public Input
  5. Adjourn


This meeting is open to the public. At the discretion of the Chair, members of the public may provide input during the August 18, 1998 teleconference. Persons wishing to make oral presentations should notify George Bluhm no later than August 14, 1998.

If a person submitting material would like a copy distributed to each member of the committee in advance of the teleconference, that person should submit material to Jeff Graham, curator of Task Force documents, by August 17, 1998. Material should be in electronic format suitable for posting to the Internet. Mr. Graham may be reached via phone at (202) 720-1858 or email at Handouts for presentations to Task Force members will be posted to the Web address listed above before the meeting, as they become available.

Information on Services for Individuals With Disabilities

For information on facilities or services for individuals with disabilities or to request special assistance at the meeting, contact George Bluhm as soon as possible.

Notice modified on 7/22/98