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Onboarding @ NRCS

Welcome to NRCS! The video below provides a great introduction to life at NRCS. Here you will learn more about what the Natural Resource Conservation Service does as an agency within the United States Department of Agriculture and what employees at NRCS are currently working on. 

To view a transcript of the video, click here.

NRCS has an extensive onboarding program to help new employees become acquainted with the culture and expectations of their new position. You will meet with your supervisor and other current NRCS employees who will help acclimate you to NRCS culture and guide your career. The NRCS onboarding program will begin during your first week and continue throughout your first year.

USDA Onboarding Portal Button



Prior to your first day, please also visit the USDA Onboarding portal. Click on the button above to find out more. As a new NRCS employee, this site has been developed specifically for you and will provide you with the information you need to be prepared for your first day at NRCS and the USDA. Please be sure to visit this portal in preparation of your first day.

Additionally, before your first day, please also print and fill out the Selective Service Registration form. As a new hire you are required to complete this. 

For help with NRCS Onboarding, please see the NRCS IRM Version 3 Tutorial.

Below you will find a few frequently asked questions that may help as you prepare for your first day. You will also find a short benefits form to help navigate any benefits questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions: