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Internship Testimonials

Brandon KingBrandon King

“It’s essential for me to work with farmers to create innovative ways to build sustainable environments for the future. Working with the NRCS, I’m looking forward to broaden my knowledge of public policies while enhancing leadership and organizational skills. I’m overly excited about working with new individuals, whose primary goal is to develop a cleaner greener America.”

Rachel TrivetteRachel Trivette

“I’m looking forward to learning all of the details that go into NRCS. I want to immerse myself in each department, so that I can generate descriptive information for the public through different mediums.”

Leslie HammondLeslie Hammond

“I am looking forward to learning more about conservation efforts in Kentucky so that I can transfer that knowledge and that of my schooling to local farmers. I am excited to work with others who are as passionate about soil and water quality as I am. I hope to learn to manifest that passion in an effective manner to improve the lives of farmers and those who depend on them.”

Becca DominckBecca Dominick

“I have followed in the footsteps of my father, grandfather and great grandfather and I with the training I am receiving as a student trainee; I will be prepared to begin my career with NRCS. As an American Indian, I hope I can be involved in sharing the NRCS careers opportunities with others.”

Christian RansomChristian Ransom

“My goal is to graduate from Tennessee State University, and soon after I would like to pursue a career with the NRCS because of the great experiences I’ve had with them thus far.”