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Forestry Overview

NRCS and Forestry

The NRCS is a National leader in helping to conserve and improve America's natural resources. The U.S. has 816 million acres of forestland of which 290 million acres are non-industrial private forest land. The NRCS mission is to “Help People to Help the Land”.

USDA Farm Bill

Through the Farm Bill, NRCS offers technical and financial support to you as a private non-industrial forest land owner to make improvements to your forest land. NRCS conservation practices and enhancements are available to help you manage your forest land.

NRCS Technical and Financial Assistance

A NRCS planner will work side-by-side with you to develop your forest management plan. Your forest management plan will guide you to manage your forest lands. NRCS financial help is available and may reimburse up to 50 to 90 percent of your costs.

NRCS Technical Service Provider or TSP?

NRCS Technical Service Providers (TSPs) are individuals or businesses to help you write and implement Forestry Conservation Activity Plans (CAP). For more information, see the NRCS TechReg site.

NRCS Contact Us

Contact your local NRCS office to ask questions about NRCS forestry and agroforestry assistance. Here are other resources to guide you:

NRCS National Forestry Contact

Name: Eunice Padley, National Forester
Phone: 202 720.3921
NRCS West National Technical Service Center Forestry Contact
Name: Bart Lawrence, Forester
Phone: 503 273.2402

East National Technology Support Center Contact

Name: William Byrum, Forester
Phone: 336 370.3416

USDA National Agroforestry Contact
Name: Vacant, National Agroforester