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NRCS Economics Directory


State Name Position __Phone___ Email
Alabama John Curtis RC/SSC 334-887-4539
Alaska Scott Crockett SRC 907-761-7758
Arizona Steve Smarik Farm Bill Specialist - EQIP 602-280-8785
Arkansas Charles (Zach) Taylor Economist 501-301-3148
Erica Westbrook ASTC 479-646-8300
California Terryl Kocsis Resource Conservationist (CST/GIS/FOTG) 530-792-5630
Victor Hernandez Outreach Coordinator & Sociologist 530-304-8614
Hue Dang Resource Conservationist (Conservation Planning) 530-792-5657
Caribbean Area Jaime  Valentin SRC 809-766-5065
Colorado Eugene Backhaus Resource Conservationist 720-544-2868-x2868
Connecticut Abigail Cadman Resource Conservationist 860-871-4017
Delaware Sally Kepfer Resource Conservationist 302-678-4182
Florida Jessica Bertine Economist /SSC 352-338-9513
Georgia W. Cran Upshaw Economist / SSC 706-546-2072
Hawaii (Pacific Islands Area) Anthony Ingersoll Assistant Director for Technology (808) 600-2915

Kevin Kinvig Resource Conservationist (808) 600-2976
Denise Adkins Resource Conservationist 208-685-6991
Illinois Bryon Kirwan Economist 217-353-6638
Glen Franke Resource Conservationist 217-353-6642
Jody Bell Management Analyst 217-353-6632
Indiana Shannon Zezula SRC 317-295-5888
Jennifer Chen Resource Conservationist 317-295-5847
Jill M. Reinhart, Community Planner / SSC 317-295-5883
Iowa Alan Lauver Ag Economist / SSC 515-323-2726
Bruce Wells ASTC Water Resources 785-823-4550
Tim Hafner ASTC Operations / SSC 859-224-7373
Louisiana John Pitre  SRC 318-473-7774
Maine Susan Arrants Ass. St. Con. Programs 207-990-9564
Massachusetts Thomas Akin SRC 413-253-4365
Reena L. Shaw Agricultural Economist  (SSC in RI) 401-822-8840
Maryland Patricia Engler State Resource Conservationist 443-482-2929

Michigan Ruth Shaffer Water Quality Specialist 517-324-5239
Sandra Penn Outreach Coordinator 517-324-5261

Joseph Pavicic

Economist 651-602-7909

Mississippi Marion Reed Economist 601-863-3925
Missouri Lauren Cartwright Economist 573-876-9415
Rita Mueller RC 417-466-7107
Montana Kale Gullett,
Jeanne Jasper

Programs Specialist
Nebraska Julie Breuer Program Specialist 402-437-4126
Douglas A. Christensen ASTC, FO North (402) 437-4049
Nevada Patti Novak RC 775-857-8500, 142
New Mexico Steve Kadas,
Seth Fiedler
SRC, Economic Contact,
Program Analyst (NHQ RCPP)

New Hampshire Kimberly McCracken  State Soils Scientist 603-868-7581 x123
New Jersey Lauren Lapczynski Program Analyst 732-537-6046
New York Edward Henry SRC 315-477-6529

North Carolina Rafael Vega
Sheila S. Boykin
Resource Conservationist, NHQ, PPAD
North Dakota JoDean W. Nichols Economist / SSC 701-530-2093
Mark Smith State Resource Conservationist 614-255-2474
Oklahoma April D. Burns Water Resources Coordinator 405-742-1284
Gary O'Neil State Conservationist 405-742-1204
Oregon Lakeitha Ruffin Economist 503-414-3282
Thomas J. Makowski Resource Conservationist /Sociologist 503-414-3106
Pacific Islands Area Kara Nelson Resource Conservationist / Economic Contact 808-541-2600 x121
Pennsylvania Susan Marquart Natural Resource Specialist 717-237-2237
Dan Dostie SRC 717-237-2256
Puerto Rico Jaime Valentin SRC/SSC 809-766-5065


Rhode Island Reena L. Shaw Agricultural Economist 401-822-8840
South Carolina Dennis Mobley Economic Contact 803-253-3892

South Dakota  Stan Boltz State Range Conservationist 605-352-1236
Dana Vaillancourt State Tribal Liaison 605-352-1217
Tennessee Michelle Beasley Economist / Program Specialist / SSC 615-277-2558
Texas Kristy Oates SRC 254-742-9805
Ramona Taylor Webmaster 254-742-9953
Utah Vacent SRC 801-524-4562

Sandra Primard

State Agronomist 802-951-6796 X 240
Virginia David L. Faulkner Resource Economist / SSC 804-287-1664
Washington Carri Gaines Forest Planner 509-323-2956
West Virginia Pam Yost Economist 304-284-7572
Wisconsin Matt Otto Resource Conservationist 608-662-4422 x245
Patrick Murphy SRC 608-662-4422 x258
Wyoming Theresa Bowen Management Analyst 307-233-6756
Aaron Waller Economist 307-274-9402

National Headquarters

In the October 15, 2018 reorganizations, the staff of the former NRCS Resource Economic and Analysis Division, Strategic Planning and Accountability was merged with the staff of the Farm Services Economic and Policy Analysis, Resources Economics Branch into the Farm Production and Conservation Business Center Economics and Policy Analysis into either The Resource Economics Branch under Dr. Catherine Feather or The Data Services Branch under Phil Sronce.   Another October 29 reorganization of the reminder of NRCS NHQ left multiple former economists tentatively reassigned to new Divisions.    

Name Position __Phone___ Room
Catherine Feather FPAC EPA Resources Economics Branch (REB) Branch Chief 202-720-8534 3736-S
Alex Barbarika Agricultural Economist, REB 202-720-7093 3730-S
Sarah Cline Agricultural Economist, REB 202-619-8561 3754-S
Glenn, Sophia Agricultural Economist, REB 503-273-2400 Portland, OR
Rich Iovanna Agricultural Economist, REB 202-720-5291 3730-S
Peters, Mark Agricultural Economist, REB 301-504-1564 1-1110C
Trice, Kalven Senior Economist, REB 501-758-2544
ext 115
4004 McCain Blvd., Rm. 208,
Little Rock, AR 72116
Vik, Doug Agricultural Economist, REB 817-509-3215 Central NTSC,
Fort Worth
Phil Sronce FPAC EPA Data Services Branch (DSB) Chief 202-720-2711 3742-S
Tricia Barnes Agricultural Foreign Investment Specialist, DSB 202-720-0604 3727-S
Mary Estep Administrative and Program Support Specialist, DSB 202-720-3217 3738-S
Carl Galopin Agricultural Economist, DSB 202-720-6137 3738-S
Veronica Gray Agricultural Foreign Investment Specialist, DSB 202-720-6733 3733-S
Thomas Gajnak Agricultural Economist, DSB 202-720-0942 3722-S
LeRoy Hall Management Analyst, DSB 301-504-3964 1-1102B
Lesa Johnson Agricultural Foreign Investment Specialist, DSB 202-720-9223 3727-S
Kent Lanclos Agricultural Economist, DSB 202-720-0114 3738-S
Rena Yuan Economist/Statistician, PMF, DSB 301-504-2314 1-1110

NRCS NHQ Economist and Social Scientists After October 29, 2018 Reassignments

Name Position __Phone___ Email
Diane Gelburd Acting Deputy Chief for Science and Technology 202-690-0513
Amanda Schaller Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief 202-690-5223
Sheby Callaway Historian, Policy and Program Analysis Division; Executive Officer, National Drought Resilience Partnership 202-720-1626
Kim Berry Acting Branch Chief, FPAC-BC, Directives, Forms, and Records Management (Sociologist) 202-720-3770
Vivian Dickson Management Analyst, Outreach and Advocacy 202-720-5477

Management and Strategy Deputy Area, Policy and Program Analysis Division (New)

Name Position __Phone__ Location
Seth Fiedler Program Analyst, Economist 505-761-4416 New Mexico State Office
Sheila Boykin Natural Resource Specialist, Economist 202-720-5927 Raleigh, NC
Jamey Wood Management Analyst / Economist, Fort Worth 817-509-3504

Resources Inventory and Assessment Division

Division Phone:  301-504-2300          Fax: 301-504-2230
5601 Sunnyside Ave, Room 1-1292, Stop Code 5410, Beltsville, MD 20705-5000

Name Position __Phone___ Email
Weihuan “Mark” Xu Acting Director 301-504-0303      
Dan Mullarkey Branch Leader, Resources Assessment Branch 301-504-2300
Kevin Ingram RAD GIS Lab Coordinator 301-504-2359
Daria Scala Management Analyst 301-504-2344

National Technical Support Centers (NTSC)

East National Technology Support Center

East NTSC, 94 Sand Hill Rd, Milton VT 05468

Name Position ___Phone_____ Email
Lynn Knight Economist 802-528-5121
(cell) 802-578-4471

West National Technology Support Center

USDA, NRCS, WNTC, Suite 800,1201 NE Lloyd Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Name Position __Phone___ Email
Hal Gordon Economist 503-273-2411

Central National Technology Support Center

USDA NRCS Fort Worth Center, 501 West Felix Street, P. O. Box 6567, Fort Worth, TX 76115-0567  

Name Position __Phone__ Email
David Buland Economist - Volunteer 817-295-9245
Doug Vik FPAC EPA NRA Economist 817-509-3215

National Water Management Center

101 E. Capitol, Suite B100, Little Rock, AR  72201-3811

Name Position __Phone___ Email
George Townsley Water Resources Economist 501-210-8924


Location Name Position __Phone___ Email
Mandan, ND David Archer Director and Ag. Economist 701-667-3048
Tucson, AZ Phil Heilman Research Hydrologist / Research Leader 520-647-9202

Abbreviations used:  RC = Resource Conservationist, SC = Soils Conservation, SSC = Social Science Coordinator, SRC = State Resource Conservationist, PAS = Public Affairs Specialist, ASTC = Assistant State Conservationist (for Programs, Operations, Watersheds, or another area).