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Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative - 2010 Approved Projects

The NRCS Chief has approved the following national level multi-State CCPI projects. Project proposals geographically located "Within-State" are approved and announced by individual State Conservationists.

For within-State approved projects, consult the individual State's EQIP page, which can be reached from their Program pages.

State Name of Organization / Partner Project Title Project Description Programs Supported FY 2010 FA Fund Allocation
CA Sierra Coordinated Resource Management Council Central Sierra  CCPI Proposal Project to address water quality and quantity concerns and implement forest related practices based upon state approved plans.  EQIP $1,000,000
CA Contra Costa Resource Conservation District East Contra Costa Water Conservation on Farmlands Project Multiple practices in EQIP to benefit water use and water quality in the delta region. EQIP $100,000
CA Yurok Tribe Yurok Indian Reservation Road Improvement and Fuel Reduction Treatments Project will address road rehabilitation, erosion and sediment control and fuels management in forested areas EQIP $246,571
CA Western United Dairymen Western United Dairymen CCPI Project seeks to improve water quality by appropriately managing animal manure and reducing the potential for related non-point source pollution. EQIP $42,000
CA NW CA RC&D Council The Klamath - North Coast Forestland Conservation Project To assist producers in implementing forest land improvement practices outlined in the Klamath-Land Conservation Project. EQIP $855,617
CA Solano Resource Conservation District Solano Co Noxious Weed and Rangeland Management Program To control 1,100 net acres of invasive artichoke thistle (Cynara cardunculus) in two areas of southern Solano County. EQIP $30,829
CA Hoopa Valley Tribal Council 2009-2011 Road Sedimentation Reduction Project Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation Project seeks to reduce road sediment in areas where timber harvesting is occurring.  EQIP $220,000
ID Yellowstone Soil Conservation District Egin Bench - Wind Erosion Reduction Areas Promotion of winter mustard as cover crop for wind erosion and nematode control EQIP $90,000
ID Yellowstone Soil Conservation District Ashton Groundwater Protection Project Phase II Reduce nitrate leaching, therefore improving groundwater quality EQIP $160,000
IL McLean County Soil & Water Conservation District The Central Illinois Cover Crops Initiative (CICCI) Promotion of the use of cover crops on crop land in six Illinois counties and surrounding areas that will improve soil and water quality. EQIP $100,000
IN Knox County SWCD Southern Indiana Irrigation Improvement Project This project will address both water conservation resource issues and water quality resource issues. EQIP $43,000
LA Louisiana State University Agriculture Center Rice Research Station LSU AgCenter, Rice Research Station, Gulf Coast Joint Venture, LA Master Farmer CCPI proposal. Will utilize the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) to implement program on 15,000 acres of eligible producers land CSP $246,150
MO Newton County Soil and Water Conservation District Southwest Ozarks CCPI-Missouri This initiative will focus on excluding livestock from streams, implementing grazing systems, installing alternate water supplies with solar pumps to conserve energy and promote renewable energy production. CSP $19,200
MO Saline CO SWCD Improving Soil and Water Conditions within Saline Co, MO To install conservation practices that will improve surface water quality through erosion control within the project area. EQIP $500,000
MO Gasconade County Soil and Water Conservation District Stabilizing Streambank Erosion Issues Within the Bourbeuse Watershed in Gasconade County, Missouri To implement conservation practices to address water quality and soil erosion resource concerns. EQIP $40,000
ND Walsh County Three Rivers Soil Conservation District Red River Valley CCPI To install conservation practices that will significantly improve soil and water resource condition in the Red River Valley. EQIP $100,000
NE World Wildlife Fund Restoring Ecological Processes and Ranchlands for Priority Birds in the Nebraska Sand Hills To implement beneficial management practices for grassland species and ecological processes for priorities in the State of Nebraska. EQIP $37,352
NE Lower Republican NRC Optimizing Use of Available Water Supplies in Nebraska's Lower Republican River Basin IWM on irrigated land using specific technology/equipment EQIP $250,126
NM Black Range RC&D AZ-NM Borderlands Conservation Initiative To implement conservation practices to maintain or improve vegetative species composition and density in order to address resource concerns along the border of Mexico. EQIP $800,000
NY Hudson Mohawk Resource Conservation and Development Council Improving Soil and Water Quality Conditions and Wildlife Habitat Through Prescribed Grazing within the Hudson Mohawk Region To install conservation practices that will reduce energy usage, promote carbon sequestration and improve surface water and soil quality within the project area through prescribed grazing. EQIP $160,000
OK Oklahoma Conservation Commission Sugar Creek Stabilization Project To install conservation practices necessary to repair and thus increase farmable acreage and mitigate channel instability threatening the watershed's extensive flood structure network. EQIP $99,943
OR Fifteen-mile Watershed Council Fifteen-mile Watershed Cooperative Conservation Initiative Promotion of IWM using advanced irrigation technology EQIP $624,594
SD South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry Central Great Plains Shelterbelt Renovation for Water Quality Reduced Soil Erosion and Wildlife Habitat Renovation of shelterbelts to reduce soil erosion, protect livestock and property from wind related damage, improve energy conservation, manage snow deposition, improve air quality, increase carbon storage, provide wildlife habitat. EQIP $400,005
SD South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry Central Great Plains Forested Riparian Buffers for Water Quality Reduced Soil Erosion and Wildlife Habitat Establish riparian forest buffers by planting trees and installing fence for use exclusion EQIP $417,135
WA Washington State Department of Natural Resources Family Forrest Fish Passage Barrier Correction The proposal seeks to accelerate the rate and number of fish (salmon) barriers to be corrected within the defined geographic location. EQIP $10,000
WV National Wild Turkey Federation Enhancement qualities of Gandy Creek and upper portions of Laurel Fork and Dry Creek watersheds in West Virginia This proposal encourages landowners to voluntarily install conservation practices that will improve water quality and agricultural lands with an emphasis on pasturelands.


      Total Financial Assistance Requested for Fiscal Year 2010: $6,642,522


State Approved CCPI Projects - Fiscal Year 2010


Number of Projects

Fiscal Year 2010 Funding



$ 2,495,017



$ 250,000



$ 100,000



$ 43,000



$ 246,150



$ 559,200



$ 287,478

New Mexicoa


$ 800,000

New York


$ 160,000

North Dakota


$ 100,000



$ 99,943



$ 624,594

South Dakotab


$ 817,140



$ 10,000

West Virginia


$ 50,000



$ 6,642,522

a  Multi-state project between New Mexico and Arizona

b Includes one multi-state project among South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska


CBWI-CCPI Projects Approved for Fiscal Year 2010


Name of Organization/Partner

Project Title

Project Description

FY 2010 Fund Allocation


Sussex Conservation District

Implementation of Poultry Headquarters Best Management Practice within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Sussex County, Delaware

Address natural resource concerns such as air quality, soil conditions, soil erosion, and water quality by applying poultry headquarters best management practices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed over a one year period.



Trout Unlimited

Shenandoah Headwaters Home Rivers Initiative: Spring Creek Restoration

Restore brook trout habitat in priority spring creeks of the Shenandoah Valley by applying conservation practices.  Brook trout, which serve as an indicator of a healthy watershed, are losing habitat due to sedimentation, lack of riparian vegetation, and livestock stream access.



Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Proposal for NRCS Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative Funds in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Achieve regional water quality goals, including reducing nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, and pathogen loading to tributaries of the Shenandoah River. This project is part of a multi-stakeholder effort to target high-density animal production regions in the Shenandoah Valley watershed with a focus on smaller tributaries.



Shenandoah Resource Conservation & Development Council

Enhancing Soil Quality and Pasture Management in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with Special Emphasis on the Smith Creek Watershed

Apply conservation practices that will improve pasture management and enhance soil quality and water quality.  The project, complimenting other work being done by partners in the Shenandoah River Watershed, will target poultry, dairy, beef feedlots, and beef cow/calf operations identified in the Smith Creek Watershed.










Lists of Approved Projects

The document below requires Adobe Acrobat Reader:

List of FY2010 CCPI Approved Projects (PDF, 38KB)

List of FY2010 CBWI-CCPI Approved Projects (PDF, 20KB)