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About the National Plant Data Team

The Mission of the National Plant Data Team

"To provide leadership for design, development, management, access, and communication of plant information, primarily through the USDA PLANTS Database web site."

The National Plant Data Team (NPDT​) focuses on plant data collection, content, quality control, integration, dissemination, and interpretation for NRCS use in conservation practices. NPDT staff and associated professionals specialize in plant taxonomy, forestry, plant materials, physiology, range science, natural resources, ethnobotany, ecology, and taxonomic database development.

The NPDT​ works with specialists to gather plant information for integration into the PLANTS database and other NRCS applications. The data and information produced by the NPDT​ serve as a national standard used by Federal, State, local agencies, and private organizations.

Please visit the PLANTS Database web site to see what the National Plant Data Team has to offer.