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Utah Snow Survey Program

Utah Snow Survey Program

Image of snow crystal and water droplet

The NRCS Snow Survey Program provides mountain snowpack data and streamflow forecasts for the western United states. Common applications of Snow Survey products include water supply management, flood control, drought and avalanche prediction, climate modeling, recreation, and conservation planning.


Staffing Update

Due to ongoing hiring limitations with the NRCS and critical staffing shortages in the Utah Snow Survey program, we have implemented the following advisory, effective immediately:

• We will be discontinuing the monthly Climate and Water Reports until further notice.
• SNOTEL data should now be considered “provisional” until they can be reviewed by a staff member.  Quality control will be limited to once every other week during the summer months.
• SNOTEL site/sensor repairs will be handled as quickly as possible, but prolonged delays are possible.




How is Utah's snowpack doing?  (graph, map, or report)

What are Utah's streamflow forecasts?  (click here) 

Let's play in the snow!  Recreation links... (click here) 


Snow Survey Data, Products, and Reports*

*Snow Survey staff review and quality-control only the daily (midnight) readings from SNOTEL sites. HOURLY DATA, OTHER THAN THE MIDNIGHT VALUES, SHOULD BE CONSIDERED PROVISIONAL AND MAY HAVE SIGNIFICANT ERRORS. The only data that are reviewed at the hourly time step are the soil moisture and soil temperature values. 

Photo of standard SNOTEL site

Snow Survey Data

Photo of soil pit

Soil Climate Analysis Network

Photo of reservoir

Water Supply

Streamflow forecasts, reservoir storage, surface water supply index, monthly reports, etc...

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Current water year data

Snow reports, snowpack maps, and historical data...

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Individual site time-series graphs

Snow water equivalent, precipitation, air temperature, and soil moisture charts for individual sites in Utah...

basin site example for front page

Basin-averaged time-series graphs

Snow water equivalent, precipitation, air temperature, and soil moisture charts for basins in Utah...

Additional Snow Survey Information