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Soil Surveys

Colorado Soil Survey Program

Soil surveys contain information that may
be used for many land  planning and
management activities.  Such surveys may
contain information useful for predictions of
soil  behavior for various land uses.  Surveys
highlight soil properties, interpretations,
limitations, potential, and problems that may
be related to the soil. 
Example Soil Profile

One of the Foundation Goals in the Natural Resources Conservation Service Strategic Plan, "Productive Lands - Healthy Environment," is High Quality, Productive Soils. A primary goal of the Colorado Soil Survey Program is to ensure high quality, productive soils in Colorado. This is being accomplished by: 

  • Completing soil surveys of all lands within Colorado by 2011. 
  • Providing quality soil and related resource information that is readily accessible to users. 
  • Increasing the use of soil information in the decision-making processes of land managers. 
  • Increasing the application of soil quality principles in order to: 
    • reduce erosion
    • improve soil health
    • improve water quality, and
    • assist with nutrient management.
  • Increasing the education awareness of soil resources in the State.

Colorado Soil Quality Card

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