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Save Energy, Save Money

Idaho Farmers and Ranchers:
Conservation practices can help you save energy and save money.Photo of sprinkler system

Why save energy?  Saving energy can help you reduce input costs and, thus, boost your bottom line.  It's part of an integrated effort to conserve natural resources, including soil and water.

How Can You Save Energy?

  • Move to low-pressure irrigation systems - and save $9 per acre for medium-pressure systems and $41 per acre for high-pressure systems.
  • Improve pesticide use with scouting, spot spraying and integrated pest management - and cut costs significantly.  Some producers may realize savings up to 25 percent.
  • Adopt management intensive grazing practices - and extend the grazing season and reduce the demand for grass hay - extending grazing by one month can reduce hay consumption by 30 pounds per cow and reduce direct energy costs to produce, store and feed the hay, saving more than $10 per cow.

Learn more ways to save energy here:

You can also estimate potential energy savings on your specific crops and acreages by using the new Energy Estimator.  Click here!

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