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Kansas Soils and The Northern Great Plains Soil Survey Regional Office

Major Land Resource Areas (MLRAs) are geographically associated land resource units, usually encompassing several thousand acres, characterized by a particular pattern of soils, geology, climate, water resources, and land use. A unit can be one continuous area or several separate nearby areas.

The Northern Great Plains Soil Survey Regional Office, Region 5 (SSR 5) is one of 12 MLRA regional offices serving the continental United States and the Caribbean area. The SSR 5 provides assistance to soil survey project offices located in portions of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Soil Technical Notes

Kansas State Soil - Harney Silt Loam

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Mission Statement

The mission of SSR 5, with its partners, is to provide consistent, coordinated leadership and service to produce high quality, scientifically-based soil information utilizing innovative technologies in order to meet our customers' expectations in wisely managing the soil resource. 

Vision Statement

A dynamic, flexible program with the expertise and technology: (a) to educate and train users of soils information; (b) to obtain and manage precise data inventories according to locally-developed national standards; for the production of high quality, statistically valid soil information; (c) to present the appropriate information in ways which meet the needs of all users; and (d) which stress the wise applications of science to sustained land use and resource conservation.

J. Chad Remley
Soil Survey Regional Director
Phone: (785) 823-4558

Jeffrey A. Hellerich
Kansas State Soil Scientist
Phone: (785) 823-4564