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National Headquarters

Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment

Responsible for soil science, soil survey and resource assessment, technical assistance to foreign governments, international scientific and technical exchange, geospatial technologies (GIS, PNT, GPS, remote sensing) services and use, inventory and correlation of ecological site descriptions, conservation effects and assessment modeling, National Resources Inventory (NRI), resource analysis to support USDA policy making for conservation, snow survey and water supply forecasting, soil research and soil laboratory data analysis.

Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

Responsible for ensuring scientifically-sound conservation practices; technology acquisition, development, and transfer; and leading the Conservation Innovation Grants Program, Plant Materials Program, Watershed Dam Rehabilitation Program, and Emergency Watershed Protection Program.

Deputy Chief for Programs

Responsible for financial assistance programs, easement programs and conservation technical assistance.

Deputy Chief for Management and Strategy

Responsible for international programs, outreach and partnerships, policy and program analysis, and strategic support services.

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