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2013-2015 Task Force

2013-2015 Task Force Accomplishments and Recommendations

2015 April, Knoxville, Tennessee



Federal Register Notice of Meeting
Meeting Notes

AAQTF members, April 2015


Tennessee and NRCS - Soil Health Presentation (10MB)
NRCS Update (1MB)
Forest Service Update (5MB)
EPA Update (1MB)
Tennessee Ag and Forestry (3MB)
Tennessee Air Quality Update (1MB)
Biogenic GHGs (3MB)
EPA Biogenics Framework (5MB)
NPS Air Quality in the Smokies (1MB)
Air Quality Modeling with Transport and Transboundary (7MB)
ARS Update (3MB)
Cotton Gin PM Study Update (2MB)

FY14 Annual Report

2014 December, Ft. Collins, Colorado

Rocky Mountains


Federal Register Notice of Meeting
Meeting Notes



Colorado Agriculture (4.1 MB)
EPA Ozone NAAQS (2.7 MB)
Air Quality Regulatory Update from EPA (351 KB)
ARS Update (3.8 MB)
NIFA Update (1 MB)
Air Emissions and Biomass Production (1.4 MB)
Field to Market - An Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture (3.5 MB)
Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Update (2.3 MB)
Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Experiment (3.8 MB)
Rocky Mountain National Park - Partnership to Reduce Nitrogen Impacts (2.5 MB)
Rocky Mountain National Park - The Rocky Mountain Airborne Nitrogen and Sulfur Study (RoMANS) (1.7 MB)
Rocky Mountain National Park - Nitrogen Deposition Early Warning System for Rocky Mountain National Park (4.1 MB)
NRCS Update (429 KB)
Forest Service Update (2.8 MB)
COMET-Farm Tool and Other CSU NREL work (1.3 MB)

2014 August, College Station, Texas

TAMU MSC Rudder Night

Federal Register Notice of Meeting  (177 KB)
Meeting Notes
Meeting Summary 


Welcome to Texas by Salvador Salinas, State Conservationist, NRCS (2.9 MB)
Environmental Protection Agency Update (115 KB)
US Forest Service Update (2.9 MB)
Wildfire Risk Assessment, Prescribed Burning, and Air Quality (5.2 MB)
Planned Grazing to Improve Ecosystem Function and Ranch Livelihoods (7.4 MB)
Soil Security and Clean Air (1.5 MB)
Uniform Sustainability Assessment (269 KB)
Assessment of the Supreme Court Ruling on the GHG Tailoring Rule (131 KB)
Cattle Feeding and Environmental Air Quality (5.3 MB)
Characterization of Cotton Gin PM Emissions Study (4.6 MB)
NRCS Air Quality Activities Update (1.5 MB)
Long-term Agro-Ecosystem Research Network (ARS Update) (5.6 MB) 

 AAQTF visits Disaster City

Photo by Beverly Moseley, Texas NRCS - USDA Agricultural Air Quality Task Force Tour at Disaster City, Texas A&M University




2014 May, Boise, Idaho

idaho_dairy Federal Register Notice of Meeting  (174 KB)
Agenda  (87 KB)
Draft Meeting Notes (225 KB)
Meeting Summary (122 KB)


Welcome to Idaho by Jeff Burwell, State Conservationist, NRCS (6.1 MB)
Idaho Agriculture and Air Quality (675 KB)
Idaho Dairy Industry Overview (954 KB)
Emissions of Ammonia, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide from Dairy Production Systems in a Semi-Arid Climate (1.6 MB)
US Forest Service Update (3.6 MB)
Agricultural Research Service Update (1.7 MB)
Environmental Protection Agency Update (147 KB)
USDA Climate Change Program Office Update (2 MB)
NRCS Air Quality Activities Update (180 KB)
Agricultural Air Quality in Alberta, Canada (2 MB)
Ammonia and Its Influence on Nitrogen Deposition and Fine Particle Formation (6 MB)

Dedication Point - Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area










Dedication Point - Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area


2013 December, Beltsville, Maryland

The Log Lodge was built by CCC in 1937

Federal Register Notice of Meeting (198 KB)
Agenda (33 KB)
Final Meeting Minutes (180 KB)


Emissions Quantification, Mitigation and Validation Subcommittee Review (416 KB)  
Climate Variability and Bioenergy Subcommittee Review (136 KB)
Emerging Issues Subcommittee Review (833 KB)
Air Quality Standards Subcommittee Review (377 KB)
USDA Climate Change Program Office Update (2 MB)  
Regulatory-Industry Partnership to Address Air Emissions from Dairy Operations in Yakima, WA (4 MB)  
Environmental Protection Agency Update (123 KB)
SIP Creditability for Voluntary Incentive-based Emission Reductions in California San Joaquin Valley (2 MB)  
EPA’s Review of PM FRM Oversampling Claims by the Agricultural Industry (1 MB)  
Update on PM Sampler Research - Sampling Historical background (15 KB)
Causes and Implications of Large Particle Penetration during PM10Sampling (3 MB)
US Forest Service Update (5 MB)
Agricultural Research Service Update (3 MB)
National Institute of Food and Agriculture Update (2 MB)
NRCS Air Quality Activities Update (2 MB)