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The USDA is currently accepting nominations for the Task Force. The Federal Register notice request for nominations to the Task Force contains information about how to nominate an interested person for membership. Interested candidates may nominate themselves. Nominations should be typed and include the following:

  •      A brief summary (two pages or less) explaining the nominee’s qualifications to serve on the Task Force
  •      A resume providing the nominee’s background, experience and educational qualifications
  •      A completed background disclosure form (Form AD-755) signed by the nominee
  •      Any recent publications by the nominee relative to agricultural air quality (if appropriate)
  •      Letters of endorsement (optional)

Nominations must be emailed or postmarked by November 9, 2020 to be considered.


Nominations can be submitted to Greg Zwicke, the Designated Federal Officer for the Task Force, by either:


Mail or Hand Delivery: 

Greg Zwicke

Designated Federal Officer

Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

West National Technology Support Center

2150 Centre Avenue, Building A, Suite 314B

Fort Collins, CO 80526