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National Geospatial Center of Excellence (NGCE) Directory

National Geospatial Center of Excellence
Fort Worth Federal Center
501 W. Felix St.
Building 23
Ft. Worth, TX 76115

Phone: 817-509-3400
Fax: 817-509-3469

Office of the Director

Name Position Phone
Darren Hickman Director 817-509-3420
Vacant Secretary  

Geospatial Data Management Branch

Name Position Phone
Steve Nechero Supervisory Cartographer, Branch Leader 817-509-3366


Authoritative Data Team

Name Position Phone
Bruce Nielsen Team Lead 817-509-3217
Laura Davenport Cartographer 817-509-3379
Jonathan Justice Cartographer 817-509-3432
Elaine Ortiz Cartographer 817-509-3368
Rosemary Rivera Cartographic Technician 817-509-3371
Leah Wilkinson Cartographic Technician 817-509-3451

Geodatabase Team

Name Position Phone
Scott Gordon Team Lead 817-509-3376
Brent Duncan Natural Resource Specialist 817-509-3345
Gerald Wade Cartographic Technician 817-509-3375

Geospatial Technology Branch (Planning and Investments)

Name Position Phone
Jennifer Sweet Soil Scientist, Branch Leader 817-509-3421

Technology Team

Name Position Phone
Mike Steiner Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist, Team Leader 817-509-3351
Jason Baker Physical Scientist 817-509-3364
Patsy Hudson Soil Conservationist 817-509-3361
Michele May Physical Scientist 817-509-3459

Project Planning Team

Name Position Phone

Geospatial Inventory Sciences Support Team

Name Position Phone
Jennifer Sweet Supervisory Soil Scientist, Acting Team Leader 817-509-3421
Michael Schramm Soil Scientist 817-509-3447

Governance Branch

Name Position Phone
Javier Ruiz Governance Branch Leader 817-509-3352
Paul Fukuhara National Geospatial IT Innovation Leader 817-509-3395
Gary Hallbauer Soil Conservationist 817-509-3347
Tony Kimmet GIS Analyst, Acting National Imagery Leader 817-509-3434
Collin McCormick National Elevation Leader 817-509-3470
Wendy Pierce Illustrator 817-509-3563
Michele Simmons IT Specialist 817-509-3388


Name Position Phone
Brendan Dischinger GIS Analyst 817-509-3346
Mark Hill Geospatial Software Developer 817-509-3455
Ravi Kaushika Geospatial Software Developer 817-509-3397
Sirish Seetaraman Database Administrator 817-509-3404
Suling Zhao GIS Specialist 817-509-3284