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Technical Resources

Nebraska NRCS Technical Resources

Welcome to the Technical Resources portion of the Nebraska web site.  The following items are currently available and may be viewed by selecting the appropriate title located in the left border.

Agronomy (Soil & Crop Management)

A collection of references and tools related to the planning, design, and implementation of agronomic conservation practices in Nebraska.

Animal/Animal Waste

Information about Nebraska Agricultural animal waste.


References and tools for healthy plant and animal communities.

Carbon Sequestration

Technical information on carbon sequestration and carbon credit trading programs.

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)

A CNMP is a "Conservation Whole Farm Plan" specific to Animal Feeding Operations.


A collection of references and tools related to the use of economics in conservation planning.

Emergency Animal Mortality Management 

Information about funding available to help livestock producers with depopulation.


Information on biofuels, NRCS energy calculators, and the National NRCS Energy website.


A collection of references and tools related to the planning, design, and construction of engineering conservation practices in Nebraska.


Information on how to deal with flooding.


Informational material to assist in the planning and application of forestry and agroforestry practices on nonfederal forestland.


Nebraska Conservation Planning forms and other Federal forms.


GIS-related sites within NRCS.

Grazing Lands

Grazing lands information within NRCS.


Information and technology on water-related issues for natural resources conservation.

National Resources Inventory (NRI)

Information and references on the National Resources Inventory (NRI) and the Nebraska Resources Inventory.  NRI provides updated information on the status, condition, and trends of land, soil, water and related resources on Nebraska and the nation's nonfederal land.

Nebraska eFOTG and Conservation Practice Standards

The Nebraska Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (Nebraska eFOTG) contains a vast array of technical information to assist in the planning, design, installation, and operation and maintenance of conservation practices.  eFOTG included in the eFOTG is natural resource information, standards, and specifications.

The conservation practice standards within eFOTG contains information on why and where the practice is applied, and it sets forth the minimum quality criteria that must be met during the application of that practice in order for it to achieve its intended purpose(s). Nebraska conservation practice standards are available through the Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG). 


No-Till web sites.


Nebraska Information About Plants.


Informational links to Nebraska Soils Survey Information, Historical Soils Surveys, and Major Land Resource Area Soil Survey Offices.

Technical Service Providers

Nebraska’s Technical Service Provider (TSP) program is intended to help professionals interested in providing technical assistance to landowners and farmers under one of the Farm Bill conservation programs

Technical Service Provider Registry (TechReg)

TechReg is an Internet application which will make it easy for individuals interested in providing technical assistance to farmers and ranchers on behalf of USDA to register, to become certified, and to enable customers to find these certified providers.  TechReg is an outstanding example of USDA’s commitment to citizen-centered electronic government -- a critical part of the Bush Administration’s initiative to serve the public effectively and efficiently through electronic means. 

Tile Drainage and Wetland Conservation Compliance

Before considering tiling draining a wetland, landowners need to make certain their actions will not put their Farm Bill program benefits at risk.  This webpage provides information on what to consider before proceeding.


Links to informational material on wetlands.

Technical References

National Resource Concern Fact Sheets

CORE 4 Conservation Practices Training Guide

Economics Technical Resources

National Agronomy Manual

National Biology Handbook

National Cultural Resources Handbook

National Environmental Compliance Handbook

National Forestry Manual

National Handbook of Conservation Practices

NRCS Cultural Resources Training Series

National Planning Procedures Handbook  

National Range and Pasture Handbook