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Technical Resources

Conservation Planning and Technical Assistance

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides conservation planning and technical assistance to clients (individuals, groups, and units of government).  these clients develop and implement plans to protect, conserve, and enhance natural resources (soil, water, air, plants, and animals) and to address their social and economic interests.

Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI)

Provides high quality technical assistance on privately owned grazing lands on a voluntary basis, and to increase the awareness of the importance of grazing land resources.  The GLCI is carried out through coalitions of individuals and organizations functioning at the local, state, regional and national levels.  The coalitions  are livestock producer organizations, scientific and professional grazing resource organizations, conservation and environmental groups, state and federal natural resource and agriculture agencies, and other interested groups.

Grazing Lands Technology Institute (GLTI)

The Grazing Lands Technology Institute (GLTI) provides technical excellence to the natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and other appropriate customers in the acquisition, development, coordination, and transfer of technology that meets the needs of grazing land resources, landowners and managers, and the public.

Integrated Cropping Systems and Water Management Handbook

A sustainable cropping system is an integral part of a complete farming system of soil, water, air, plant, animal, and human resources. The New Mexico Integrated Cropping Systems and Water Management Handbook, is intended to be user friendly for use by planners with producers.  NRCS provided training for planners, partners and producers on “how-to” evaluate and understand site-specific field conditions, including chemical, biological and physical.

National Handbooks

A listing of all National Handbooks

National Manuals

A listing of all National Manuals

NM Plant Materials Center

Provides conservation planting materials and research new varieties of plants for conservation.

National/New Mexico PLANTS Database

Provides a single source of standardized information about plants. PLANTS provides standardized plant names, symbols, and other plant attribute information.

National Resources Inventory (NRI)

Provides updated information on the status, condition, and trends of land, soil, water, and related resources on the nation's non-federal land.

Rapid Watershed Assessments

Provides initial estimates of where conservation investments would best address the concerns of landowners, conservation districts, and other community organization and stakeholders.

Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasts

Links provide both climate and snow data as well as other water related resources available from NRCS.

Water - Animal Feeding Operations/Confined Animal Feeding Operations

Provides guidance on comprehensive nutrient management planning.

Water Quality

Links provide water quality resources available from NRCS and other agencies.