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Rapid Watershed Assessment


The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is encouraging the development of rapid watershed assessments in order to increase the speed and efficiency generating information to guide conservation implementation, as well as the speed and efficiency of putting it into the hands of local decision makers.

Background Information

Rapid watershed assessments (RWAs) provides initial estimates of where conservation investments would best address the concerns of landowners, conservation districts, and other community organizations and stakeholders. These assessments help land-owners and local leaders set priorities and determine the best actions to achieve their goals.  The RWAs incorporate existing information on 8-digit Hydrologic Unit Sub-basins to produce a profile of the watershed and an assessment of conservation status and needs. 

NRCS - New Mexico Rapid Watershed Assessment Status Map

8 1/2 X 11 Print (PDF; 320 KB)

Rapid Watershed Assessments

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.


HUC Code HUC Name Format
11080004 Mora Watershed (PDF; 6,181 KB)
12080001 Lost Draw Watershed (PDF; 2,271 KB)
12080003 Monument-Seminole Draws Watershed (PDF; 7,251KB)
12080004 Mustang Draw Watershed (PDF; 8,040KB)
12080006 Sulphur Springs Draw Watershed (PDF; 6,441 KB)
13020101 Upper Rio Grande Watershed (PDF; 8,463 KB)
13020102 Rio Chama Watershed (PDF; 2,284 KB)
13020201 Rio Grande - Santa Fe Watershed (PDF; 3,452 KB)
13020202 Jemez Watershed (PDF; 7,030 KB)
13020203 Rio Grande-Albuquerque Watershed (PDF; 5,604 KB)
13020204 Rio Puerco Watershed (PDF; 6,128 KB)
13020205 Arroyo Chico Watershed (PDF; 5,212 KB)
13020207 Rio San Jose Watershed (PDF; 2,588 KB)
13020210 Jornada Del Muerto Watershed (PDF; 3,980KB)
13020211 Elephant Butte Reservoir Watershed (PDF; 5,458 KB)
13030101 Caballo Watershed (PDF; 4,910 KB)
13030102 El Paso-Las Cruces Watershed (PDF; 3,682 KB)
13030103 Jornada Draw Watershed (PDF; 5,932 KB)
13030201 Playas Lake Watershed (PDF; 1,336 KB)
13030202 Mimbres Watershed (PDF; 3,737 KB)
13050001 Western Estancia Watershed (PDF; 2,068 KB)
13050002 Eastern Estancia Watershed (PDF; 3,374 KB)
13050003 Tularosa Valley Watershed (PDF; 4,194KB)
13050004 Salt Basin Watershed (PDF; 4,901 KB)
13060001 Pecos Headwaters Watershed (PDF; 9,035 KB)
13060002 Pintada Arroyo Watershed (PDF; 2,605 KB)
13060003 Upper Pecos Watershed (PDF; 6,378 KB)
13060005 Arroyo Del Macho Watershed (PDF; 4,356KB)
13060006 Gallo Arroyo Watershed (PDF; 3,678 KB)
13060007 Upper Pecos-Long Arroyo Watershed (PDF; 2,533 KB)
13060008 Rio Hondo Watershed (PDF; 5,664 KB)
13060009 Rio Felix Watershed (PDF; 1,133 KB)
13060010 Rio Penasco Watershed (PDF; 2,534 KB)
13060011 Upper Pecos-Black Watershed (PDF; 3,418 KB)
13070001 Lower Pecos-Red Bluff Reservoir Watershed (PDF; 5,725 KB)
13070002 Delaware Watershed (PDF; 3,111 KB)
13070007 Landreth-Monument Draws Watershed (PDF; 9,076 KB)
14080101 Upper San Juan Watershed (PDF; 6,988 KB)
1408103 Blanco Canyon Watershed (PDF; 6,497 KB)
14080105 Middle San Juan Watershed (PDF; 7,832 KB)
14080106 Chaco Watershed (PDF; 6,717 KB)
15040001 Upper Gila Watershed (PDF; 5,032KB)
15040002 Upper Gila-Mangas Watershed (PDF; 7,081 KB)
15040003 Animas Valley Watershed (PDF; 7,672 KB)
15040004 San Francisco Watershed (PDF; 5,377KB)
15040006 San Simon Watershed (PDF; 5,582 KB)
15080302 San Bernadino Valley Watershed (PDF; 2,879 KB)
15080303 Cloverdale Watershed (PDF; 2,879 KB)