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State Office

NRCS New York State Office Teams

New York State Office

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
The Galleries of Syracuse
441 South Salina Street, Suite 354
Syracuse, New York 13202-2450
Telephone: 315-477 plus four digit extension
Fax: 315-477-8518

State Conservationist's Team

Name Title Telephone
Blake Glover State Conservationist 315-477-6504
Dennis DeWeese Assistant State Conservationist for Water Resources 315-477-6527
Angela VanDyke Executive Assistant / Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 315-477-6504
Chanda Lindsay Appeals Coordinator 518-268-2303
Jeremy Call Public Affairs 315-477-6536

Assistant State Conservationists for Field Operations

Name Title Telephone
Bruce Hopkins Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations - Marcy 315-736-3316 extension 5
Loren Muldowney Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations - Batavia 585-343-9167 extension 102
David Mortensen Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations - Walton 607-865-6713

Administrative Team

Name Title Telephone
Michele DeMaio Grace Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy 315-477-6509
Theresa Killings Financial Resources Specialist, Acting 315-477-6516
John Turner Business Services Specialist 315-477-6514
Susan Caggiano Secretary 315-477-6513

Engineering Team

Name Title Telephone
Paula C. Bagley State Conservation Engineer 315-477-6538 or 607-865-7090
Ronald Young Civil Engineer (AEM) 315-477-6545
David Walowsky Civil Engineer
State Design Engineer

Information and Technology Team

Name Title Telephone
Dan Perez Computer Specialist 315-477-6519
Ron Kittelson Computer Specialist 315-477-6520
Lori Hemminger Computer Specialist 315-477-6552

Program Management Team

Name Title Telephone
Tammy Willis Assistant State Conservationist for Programs 315-477-6503
Rebecca Foltasz Resource Conservationist 315-477-6508
Peter Gibbs Resource Conservationist 315-477-6543
Kimberly Glenn Management and Program Analyst 315-477-6518
Emily Armstrong CSP, RCPP, and CIG Program Manager 315-477-6535
Erica Stach Program Analyst 315-477-6541
Judy Pratt Realty Specialist 802-773-5763

Resource Conservation Team

Name Title Telephone
Edward Henry State Resource Conservationist 315-477-6529
Karl Strause Resource Conservationist 315-477-6535
Manila Khounchaleun Cultural Resources Specialist 315-477-6530
Mary "Beth" Polge Resource Conservationist 315-477-6505
Mike Fournier State Forester 315-477-6532
Kim Farrell State Biologist 315-477-6537

Soil Survey Team

Name Title Telephone
Stephen Page Soil Scientist 315-477-6526
Cathy Crotty Cartographer 315-477-6525
Katie Duncan Cartographic Technician 315-477-6506

Big Flats Plant Materials Team

Name Title Telephone
Paul Salon Soil Health Specialist 607-562-8404 extension 3
Mallory Barrow Soil Technician 607-358-6003
Shawnna Clark Biological Specialist 607-562-8404

Big Flats Materials Center
3266-A State Route 352
Corning, New York 14830-9204