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Technical Service Providers

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Technical Service Providers (TSP), are individuals, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, or public agencies outside of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) who have received certification by the Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide technical services to landowners or producers who participate in USDA conservation programs.

Web link image: Technical Service Provider Registry logoTechReg is a USDA NRCS Web site that provides the information needed to register and become a certified TSP. TechReg also provides conservation program participants with a national directory for locating a certified TSP.

The TechReg Web site is easy to navigate. The left and right margins contain all of the links you will need, whether you are interested in becoming a certified TSP, you are already certified or you want to locate a TSP to assist you with your conservation needs.

Certified Crop Advisor training conducted by NRCS on November 30 - December 2, 2010, included an update to TSP requirements for the development of Conservation Activity Plans (CAP). The contents pertaining to TSPs, from a slide presentation being shown at the training by Dale Gates, TSP Coordinator, is available here for your review.

How do I become a certified Technical Service Provider?

If you want to become a certified Technical Service Provider, please visit the TechReg Web site. You will first need to register with TechReg to obtain full access to the Web site. After registering, you may begin the process of becoming a certified TSP. Once certified, participants in NRCS programs can locate you using the TechReg Web site, and hire you for work that you are certified to perform.

How do I obtain assistance from a certified Technical Service Provider?

If you are a USDA conservation program participant who would like to obtain technical assistance from a certified TSP, TechReg has a page to assist you in locating a Technical Service Provider in your area.

The TechReg Web site can answer questions you may have such as:

  • How do I register as a prospective TSP?
  • How do I certify my business?
  • What is the reimbursement procedure for Technical Service Providers?
  • How do I find a certified Technical Service Provider in my area?
  • What are ‘Technical Service Payment Rates'?

TSP Certification of Services Provided

TSPs and customers receiving TSP assistance need to complete the form provided below and submit it to NRCS as a required deliverable. This form replaces all older versions of the Warranty Of Technical Services Provided forms used in the past.

This document requires Adobe Reader.

TSP Certification of Services Provided (PDF; 30 KB)

Tools for Technical Service Providers

Animal Waste Management (AWM) Software Training Video

This training video describes the basic features of how to use the Animal Waste Management software, authored by John Classen, North Carolina State University.

Animal Waste Management (AWM) Software Training Video

This software has been used by consultants and government Technical Service Providers (TSP) for a number of years in designing storage and treatment facilities for animal production operations.

Brought to you by the Cooperative Extension System and North Carolina State University.

More Information

Technical Service Providers information sheet

This document requires Adobe Reader.

Technical Service Providers Information Sheet (PDF; 1.5 MB) 

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