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State Office

1201 NE Lloyd Blvd
Suite 900
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 414-3200
FAX: 855-651-9082

State Conservationist
FAX: (855) 651-9154

Name Position Phone
Ron Alvarado State Conservationist 503-414-3201
Jessica Bras Executive Assistant 503-414-3221

Management & Strategy
FAX:  (855) 651-9154

Name Position Phone
Jason Jeans Assistant State Conservationist - Management & Strategy 503-414-3222
Robert Hathorne Business Services Specialist 503-414-3230
Chris Martin Management Analyst - Grants & Agreements 503-414-3213
John Michael Management Analyst 503-414-3215
James Webster Financial Resources Specialist 503-414-3288
Tanya Wellman Administrative Assistant 503-414-3249


Partnership & Public Affairs
FAX:  (855) 651-9154

Name Position Phone
Julie MacSwain Assistant State Conservationist - Partnership Liaison 503-414-3250
Cat Bailey Public Affairs Specialist 503-414-3238
Kathy Ferge Tribal Liaison / Civil Rights 503-414-3239
Vacant Public Affairs Officer 503-414-3220
Vacant Public Affairs Specialist  


Conservation Programs
FAX:  (855) 651-9154

Name Position Phone
Loren Unruh Assistant State Conservationist - Programs
and RCPP Coordinator
Vacant Wetland Restoration Engineer 503-414-3242
Amy Fischer Farm Bill Specialist - CSP 503-414-3292
Christopher Reidy Wetlands Planner/Ecologist 503-414-3274
Mary Beth Smith Farm Bill Specialist - EQIP 503-414-3283
Vacant Easement Program Specialist 503-414-3226
Vacant Resource Conservationist - Wetland Restoration  
Vacant Civil Engineer  


Watershed Resources and Planning

Name Position Phone
Gary Diridoni Assistant State Conservationist - Watershed Resources and Planning 503-414-3092


Conservation Technology
FAX:  (855) 651-9082

Name Position Phone
Amanda Moore State Resource Conservationist 503-414-3216
Vacant Natural Resource Specialist  
Laura Gay Administrative Assistant 503-414-3051
Vacant State Biologist 503-414-3209
Michael Merrill Watershed Planner 503-414-3237
Andrew Owen State Forester 503-414-3204
Kathy Pendergrass State Plant Materials Specialist 503-414-3266
Mike Petrozza State Archeologist 503-414-3212
Lakeitha Ruffin Agricultural Economist 503-414-3282
Vacant State Conservation Agronomist  
Vacant Acting State Grazing Specialist 503-414-3277

FAX:  (855) 651-9082

Name Position Phone
John Gillilan Acting State Conservation Engineer
Vacant State Irrigation Engineer  
John Gillilan State Design Engineer 503-414-3254
John Markov State Geologist (ID/OR) 503-414-3253
Vacant State Hydraulic Engineer  

Complete Engineering Staff Directory

Snow Survey
FAX:  (855) 651-9082

Name Position Phone
Scott Oviatt Snow Survey Supervisor 503-414-3271
Lauren Austin Hydrologist 971-325-4188
Dan Fries Hydrologic Technician 503-319-0557
Bill Overman Hydrologic Technician 503-319-0561
Allen Buckman Hydrologist 503-310-9187
Zoe Wellschlager Hydrologist 503-939-3186
Vacant Hydrologist  
Vacant Hydrologist  


Soil Science and Inventory
FAX:  (855) 651-9082

Name Position Phone
Cory Owens State Soil Scientist 503-414-3261
Whityn Owen GIS Specialist/Coordinator 503-414-3024
Jericho Winter State Resource Soil Scientist 503-414-3231
Vacant NRI Coordinator  
Vacant HEL/WC Compliance Specialist