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Teachers and Students

Conservation ClassroomNatural resources education is critical to protect Oregon's water, soil, wildlife and forests for future generations. Below are some popular educational resources developed by NRCS Oregon staff.

For questions or for more information about these resources, please contact the NRCS Oregon public affairs office at 503-414-3220.

Healthy Sagebrush Poster - Icon

Healthy Sagebrush Communities Poster

Looking for a fun, attractive way to learn about Eastern Oregon's sagebrush sea? The NRCS "Healthy Sagebrush Communities" poster illustrates the connection between sagebrush conservation and wildlife species such as sage grouse, mule deer and song birds, and identifies conservation activities that ranchers can do to help the land. Size: 32 x 21 inches.

Mighty Mini Microbe

Mighty Mini Microbe Coloring Book

In this learn-as-you-color, 24-page, science-based adventure, young soil explorers will discover how Mighty Mini Microbe and her band of soil superheroes (with a little help from soil health farmers and friends) take care of plants, people and planet Earth.

Download the coloring book now or order on from our distribution center.

I dig healthy soil cutout

Selfies for Soil Health!

Do you “dig” healthy soil like we do? Would you like to tell others?

Print out our new, fun graphic, cut along the dotted line and tape it to a stick (optional) – then take a selfie with the graphic and share via lnstagram or Twitter #soilhealth.

Click here to download the graphic.

Bee a Conservationist

Conservation Temporary Tattoos

NRCS Oregon is proud to present a series of fun (and fashionable) temporary tattoos featuring a variety of wildlife in Oregon.  Featured species include the Oregon chub, Fender's blue butterfly, Oregon spotted frog, streaked horned lark, mule deer, monarch butterfly, and sage grouse.  Interested in sharing these in the classroom or as part of an organized event? Contact Public Affairs (503 414-3220) to request copies.

Image TK

Research Materials and Tools

Working on a project or conducting research? Check out our catalog of reference materials and tools for any natural resources or agriculture related work you're doing.