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NRCS Employees

Pennsylvania (PA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Employee Page

The pages within this section are for Pennsylvania NRCS Employees Only!

For Pennsylvania Supplements use these links:

USDA Connect




USDA Connect is a collaboration tool for all USDA employees. NRCS set up official NRCS communities in Connect just for NRCS employees. Only NRCS employees or NRCS contractors with a email and level 2 eAuth can access our official communities listed on the right. Connect has replaced our employee intranet at my.nrcs.

Login to the NRCS home community

Employee resources to learn about Connect

Many training resources are available in Connect

The following documents will also help you learn about Connect

The following document require Adobe Acrobat offsite link image    .

Access to Connect

USDA Connect is primarily for USDA employee use only. A email and level 2 EAuth is needed for access. NRCS partners and affiliates can access applications from the Integrated Accountability System at

NRCS Employee Web Resources

**All the links below will take you away from the PA Website and are for NRCS Employees ONLY!**


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