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Bismarck Plant Materials Center (NDPMC)
Serving the States of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Established: 1954
Size: 70 acres
Land Ownership: North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts
PMC Operation: NRCS

Arial photo of the Bismarck Plant Materials Center in Bismarck, North Dakota

The Bismarck Plant Materials Center (PMC) has been in existence for more than 70 years.   It is part of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, one of 25 Plant Materials Centers strategically located across the nation.  The PMC’s mission is focused on providing vegetative solutions and technology for conservation resource challenges, working with private and public partners in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  
The PMC supports the NRCS mission by providing vegetative technical assistance that is used in conservation planning and practice implementation by land managers.   The PMC offers technical assistance for native landscaping, windbreaks, revegetating saline-alkaline soils, improving productivity of range and pasture lands, enhancing wildlife habitat and wetlands, and enhancing native prairie ecosystems.
The PMC has cooperatively released 47 improved conservation plants that are commercially available for conservation plantings.  These releases are adapted to the Northern Great Plains and Upper Midwest and provide a reliable source of seed and plants for conservation work. 



Increase grazing resources and improved wildlife habitat

  • Perennial Grasses Managed as Stockpiled Forage- Fact sheet promoting selected grasses and their forage attributes when used to extend the grazing season.  Grass regrowth and season-long forage samples were analyzed for quality during dormant growth periods to compare grass species.   This information can assist land owners in expanding their grazing season while reducing forage supplementation of grazing livestock.  
  • `Sholty’ Yellow Flowered Alfalfa is a newly released late maturing variety of alfalfa.  It is drought tolerant fibrouos rooted variety.  `Sholty’ provides excellent livestock forage and wildlife habitat.


Enhance wildlife resources

  • Seeding Techniques for Pollinator Habitat Establishment.  A current study focused on different seeding techniques for establishing diverse pollinator plantings. 
  • Prairie Harvest plum is an early flowering shrub that attracts large amounts of pollinators in the spring and bountiful fruit harvest in the fall.  It is commercially available for conservation plantings.


Maintain and improve productivity of agricultural lands. 

  • Yield and Quality of Perennial Cool-Season Grasses on Saline Soils in the Northern Great Plains- A technical publication that evaluates 11 grasses across saline gradients ranging from 3 to 21 dS/m.  Forage production and quality information were gathered to assist land managers in their planting decisions on perennial grass selection when revegetating saline affected sites.
  • Forty-seven improved cooperative plant releases are commercially available to landowners.  These releases supply conservation plants and seed for critically needed conservation practices in the Northern Great Plains and the Upper Midwest Regions.

Bismarck Plant Materials Center
3308 University Dr.
Bismarck, ND 58504-7564
Phone: (701) 250-4330
Fax: (855) 813-7556