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Northeast Region

Plant Materials Centers Located in the Northeast Region

Map of NRCS Northeast RegionPlant Materials Centers (PMCs) are located in ecologically distinct service areas within the Northeast Region. Centers, working with state ecological sciences staff, develop plants and plant technologies to restore and sustain healthy natural ecosystems. By evaluating the conservation traits of plants and technologies for using these plants, PMCs provide public and private land managers with the tools necessary to establish, manage, and conserve a range of diverse ecosystems. Plants provide the foundation for addressing many of the nation’s diverse natural resource concerns. PMC products are used to improve water, air, and soil quality through cover crops, filter strips, and field borders; conserved and enhanced critical wildlife habitat such as that of the New England cottontail and the bog turtle; provide feed and forage by improving grazing lands to meet the nutritional needs of various classes of livestock; and support a safer human environment through the use of native plants.

Centers in the Northeast Region